A Spy's Life

Emma is girl, her boyfriend Xander is a boy. But they're is also something else. Spy's. When a mission goes wrong and she gets shot in the shoulder, Xander helps her recover, but something goes wrong in their next mission and Xander is taken by the enemy. Xander is another linchpin that could send the world into World War III. What will Emma do to get him back, even if it means sacrificing her own life?


6. The Linchpin

"It's time" Xander walks into my room saying.

I'm ready. I have enough energy, food, and practice to keep me going all night. I actually can't wait to be back on the real spy field. Xander and I start walking down the stairs, soon enough we run into Kaylee, Brad, and our mission leader Zack. "We think everyone is ready, well trained, and prepared." Says Zack. I can't help but smiling to myself because I know I am the most prepared out of everybody. I am really glad to see that Kaylee is doing good. When she got shot she only got shot to the point that the only surgery she had to have was stitches, so she can still fight with both arms.

We all pile into the jeep. 

It takes about an hour and a half to get to the designated battle ground where the linchpin is hidden.

An abandoned building.

We all jump out, guns in hand, pointing outward. We go inside and instantly hear gunfire. I yell to Xander for backup but he doesn't answer. I yell again and soon Kaylee, Brad, and Zack have all joined in.

Then I see something horrifying.

Xander is being held at gunpoint by the enemy.

The guy says to Xander "follow me or you and your friends die, and it won't be a peaceful, painless death."

Xander follows with fear in his eyes.


know what comes next.


Xander is another linchpin.

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