A Spy's Life

Emma is girl, her boyfriend Xander is a boy. But they're is also something else. Spy's. When a mission goes wrong and she gets shot in the shoulder, Xander helps her recover, but something goes wrong in their next mission and Xander is taken by the enemy. Xander is another linchpin that could send the world into World War III. What will Emma do to get him back, even if it means sacrificing her own life?


9. The Clue

"Look high, look low, the only place you'll find me is underneath the city's glow. That's what the clue says and considering we live in New York and the fact that there are lights everywhere it will be kinda hard to figure this one out." Says Kaylee.

"It doesn't matter how hard it is, we will find him. We have to be strong and fight. We have to be like Xander." Says Brad.

The thought of him makes me weep, but I know Brad is right, we have to be strong, brave, and determined.

"When do we start?" I say.

"Now" Replies Zack with a mischievous smile.


I train hard everyday, at the shooting range, in the combat arena, and in the lab to help me learn how to identify clues easier. But even during training I can't keep my mind from wondering about Xander and whether he is okay or not. I really miss him.


The two days go by quickly and I can tell I have gotten stronger, not just physically, but mentally too. I'm also really glad to see that my shoulder is holding up. I can now fight with two hands. Xander would be proud.

"We are all ready to fight but we haven't figured out what the clue means. Have any of you given it much thought?" Zack asks.

I haven't even had the time to think about the clue but a thought comes to mind. It talks about glow, well what about one of the major glow stores we have here in New York?

Then something snaps,

"Wait it could be talking about Glow Barn, the biggest glow store in New York? There is a huge basement and I would be willing to bet that's where Xander is." I say.

Kaylee runs over and gives me a hug then replies, "Oh my gosh you are right. That would make perfect sense."

"It's all settled then, we'll go tonight. Everyone get some rest, at 7:00 we leave." says Zack.


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