A Spy's Life

Emma is girl, her boyfriend Xander is a boy. But they're is also something else. Spy's. When a mission goes wrong and she gets shot in the shoulder, Xander helps her recover, but something goes wrong in their next mission and Xander is taken by the enemy. Xander is another linchpin that could send the world into World War III. What will Emma do to get him back, even if it means sacrificing her own life?


1. Fun With Guns

I duck behind a car as a bullet whizzes just above my head. I jump out, instinctively rolling on the ground, gun in hand, killing two people in the process. Damn this is fun, I think to myself. Not only is being a spy my job it's also my life. I attend one of the best spy schools in the the country, Kritic Academy. I'm on my 34th mission to be exact.

I was interrupted from my thoughts as a sharp pain sliced through my shoulder. 

I went down.

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