Merlin At Hogwarts

This is a crossover fanfiction of BBC's Merlin and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. This has nothing to do with my other fanfiction that I am rewriting. It is just something that I've decided to do upon request of my sister and myself.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


10. The Revelation of Guinevere

Sighing contently, Hermione slumped down against the cold stone of the Astronomy tower, relaxing. 


She released all inhibitions to the world, growling out her anger at the idiocy of that Toad lady and her friends. 


She thought back to Merlin. Remembered everything about him, all the information she had stored up in that magnificently studious brain of hers.


His eyes and how they turned to gold every time he implemented his powers. 


How his very NAME was IDENTICAL to that of the creator of the very world she was so blessed to be able to live in. 


Merlin. His last name taken after his best friend; Arthur Pendragon


His hair. Blacker than Harry's. 


His ears, as large as the reports of Merlin's truly were. 


Then, she pulled out a text book, looking at the portrait OF THE Merlin. He looked exactly like him! He couldn't have been changed at all. Same age, completely the same. 


She looked down, and her eyes were blocked with a void of memories that stampeded her mind, running her over with information. 


The last thing she heard before she blacked out was the bell for the end of the day. 


~M. A. H.~


Draco silently slipped out of the hoards of his classmates. 


He felt the touch of his best friend's mind as he ran silently and stealthily, following the path that he thought for sure would lead him to Hermione. 


Draco, leave her be. You need to eat. She is going through the Revelation. Come back here. 


Draco stopped and turned back to Merlin, a singular, sculpted platinum blonde eyebrow raised in question to him. He didn't even need to convey his question through his mind to get an answer. 


It'll take a few hours, you dolt. You've to leave her alone, Draco. She needs time. Go to her later, after supper. Come on. Let's go to dinner. 


Draco glanced between his path and his friend. 


He growled and huffed his way back to Merlin.


They made their way to the Great Hall and there they ate dinner at their two respective House Tables. 


Draco kept looking over at Merlin and Potter (so what? He hadn't broken the habit of calling him Potter.) and he would glance up at his godfather, itching to be excused from the Feast. 


He didn't get the relief that he was begging for. He was forced to spend the entire time at the Slytherin table as the bloody two hour long MANDATORY feast. He himself had finished in under twelve minutes. 


He just sat there, sending angry thoughts and brutally violent images to Merlin, letting his anger and discomfort at this issue be freed. 




So, Draco retaliated in the most...shocking way he could. 


He got up and with a fiery inferno in his grey eyes, marched directly over to the Gryffindor House Table and sat down purposefully directly across from Merlin and Harry. The rest of the Hall quoted at this turn of events and watched on, completely rattled.


"Potter." He drawled, leaning on his left hand. No one at the Gryffindor table watched anymore, they knew that nothing was going to happen.


"Draco." Harry retorted with a smirk worthy of a Malfoy's praise. 


"Cabbage Head. Weasle." Draco said to Merlin and Ron. 


"What do you want?" Merlin sighed, getting straight to the point. 


"My wife." He answered. 


Ron rolled his eyes. 


Harry's smirk broadened. "She needs her space. There's and a half hours left till the Feast is over. You're not leaving until then, so just tuck in and shut it."


Draco quirked an eyebrow at Harry in surprise. It went everyday that a Potter told a Malfoy off, or Ellian told Arthur off. 


"Ellian... What do you think you're doing?" Arthur's growled. 


It was Harry's turn to quirk an eyebrow at Malfoy. If he was going to revert to their old names, he was going to too. 


"Well, Your Highness, I'm protecting my SISTER by doing what's best for her right now. She needs time, Arthur. Let it be. I do speak words of wisdom. Let it bee. Leeettt. Iiitttt. Bbbbeeeee!!" Ellian ended, signing one of his favourite Beatles songs; Mother Mary. 


"What the bloody-- Potter, what was that?!" Malfoy demanded. 


Harry started to laugh. "A song. A really wonderful song written by Paul McCartney and sung by his band known as The Beatles."


"That was the...oddest song I've ever heard, mate." Ron pipped up. 


Merlin was laughing now. "They're a brilliant band. Did you know that Paul and Ringo are actually wizards? They're Muggle Borns, but really talented."


Harry looked over at Merlin in awe. "Really?? Bloody brilliant! That's...that's...wicked, that is!"


Draco and Ron looked at each other and with a quick understanding between the two, they slowly inched themselves away from the two wizards talking animatedly about this Muggle band.

"Oi! Draco! Ronald! Get back over here!" Merlin snapped, knowing that if they paid him no mind, he'd surely sneak out to find Hermione. 


Draco grumbled. They caught him. 


~M. A. H.~


Hermione woke up with a start. It was raining, and she looked around, confused at first. 


Then a voice said to her, Guinevere... Do you remember me? I'm you. Your past life. It was coming from her mind she soon realized. 


Guinevere? It called out again. 


She shook her head. 


Yes. I remember you. I I remember. My name was Guinevere Pendragon; Queen of Camelot. 


Now I'm Hermione Lily Potter; Twin Sister to the Chosen One, Hogwarts' Resident Know-It-All, and the Brightest Witch of My Age.


Good, came the reply.


And then the voice faded away, entwining itself within her soul once more. 


She got up, pulled off her jumper, shoes, socks, and top robe, leaving her only in her skirt and blouse. 


She then looked up into the sky and casting a warming spell over herself so she wouldn't get sick, (common sense is very important!), she walked out into the middle of the circular tower, speaking to the moon. 


The full moon was beautiful and she felt that comforting presence of that beautiful, magnificent, wonderful being.


She sighed, and just stood there, letting it all go. Her magic ran freely around her, and she watched in awe as the golden and silver sparks of magic swirled around her.

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