Merlin At Hogwarts

This is a crossover fanfiction of BBC's Merlin and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. This has nothing to do with my other fanfiction that I am rewriting. It is just something that I've decided to do upon request of my sister and myself.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


8. Nott Just Another Chapter

Draco was more put out than ever. And it showed in his studies. Now, Professor Snape was the only current teacher that knew about their predicament, and he was relishing being able to inflict punishment upon them for deeds done in their past lives. 

His favourite victim? Merlin, of course! Merlin messed up on so many things so many times that now, it was just ironic that Gaius was finally able to give Merlin a piece of how he felt when he had to continue to tell Merlin what to do over and over again years ago. 

Today seemed to have an especially happy Snape though. A detention giving, beating on heads of children, taking loads of points from Gryffindor, Snape. He was practically skipping through the halls, singing show tunes!

The Merlin Gang (can't be Potter anymore, now can it? Draco joined and everything!) were very skeptical of this. It meant that when time came for Double Potions today, they were in for a world of suspicion. 

Hermione was still very wary of Draco. He had been quite cozy with the boys since her accident in the library about two and a half months ago. 

She didn't like it. And she was worried that he had somehow brainwashed the boys. Including Merlin.

Just as she was mulling over this with her favourite book; Hogwarts: A History in the library, a breeze blew past her and the pages ruffled and she lost her place in her book. 

She didn't even notice it. She was too busy thinking about Draco. Then a warm hand clamped down on her shoulder. 

She reacted quickly. As one who has seen and fought many a time would. She grabbed hold tightly of her wand and spun around with a side kick to the person's legs, then finished it off by pressing her wand into the neck of the perpetrator. 

"My, my, my... Feisty, aren't we, Mudblood?" Sneered the disgusting face of Theodore Nott.

She growled. "Leave me be, Nott. That is, if you WANT to be able to have any offspring at all later in your pitiful godforsaken life."

He laughed outright at her. "No, you won't be doing the maiming here, Guinevere. Only I shall be, and this time, there's no bloody Arthur here to save you. You're all alone. And helpless. And mine." 

His?! I don't THINK so! Wait! GUINEVERE?! That's what Malfoy called me... And ARTHUR?! Does he mean MALFOY?! THE CRAP IS GOING ON HERE ANYWAY?! 

Hermione hissed angrily and silently sent a stunning spell at him. 

He blocked it with a flick of his wrist. 

Two can play at the wandless magic. Hermione thought to herself. 

She dropped her wand and lifted her right index finger, egging Nott on. 

Nott nodded his head and flipped up onto his feet, acknowledging her challenge. 

He sent a silent killing curse her way. But it wasn't the usual one. No, it was dark red, almost as crimson as blood. It was old magic. 

Hermione narrowed her eyes at this. She knew old magic. And she thought that she was the only one here that did. She was born with that ability. And had been using her encrypted knowledge to her advantage for years. 

"Really now? Since when does a Slytherin know old magic?! Since when do you know anything? You're at the bottom ten percentile of the school! And I would know because I'm the Valedictorian!" She spat at him after she dodged the curse. 

"I know more than you think, dear Gwen. And don't forget that."


"You don't remember? That's impossible!" Nott gasped out. 

"Remember what, Nott?!"

"It's Mordred."

"Hilarious. The last time anyone was stupid enough to name themselves or their child after that good for nothing toadstool for brains idiot heap of a wizard, the child was killed by their own magic. The name is cursed. Don't even try to say that, Nott."

"I can't kill her while she doesn't remember! I'd just be killing a mudblood then. And there's nothing for me in doing that." Mordred murmured to himself, unaware that someone else had sneaked into the library. 

~M. A. H.~

Draco and Harry stood in the shadows with Merlin and they watched as Hermione dueled against Mordred. 

"I'll kill him!" Harry and Draco hissed at the same time. 

"I should have known that it was that good for nothing piece of dragon dung!" Draco spat out vehemently. 

Then, Mordred magicked out a sharp dagger and moved in on Hermione, apparently, it didn't matter if he harmed her when she did not remember anything to him. Only killing did. 

He swung at her face, slitting the skin next to her eye and ear. It looked like a smile almost. 

Harry darted out, ignoring the muffled yellings from Merlin telling him to stop and let it all be. 

"HERMIONE!" He screamed, rushing to his sister's aid. 

"Ellian...." Mordred smirked evilly. "How nice of you to join us. Your sister here has been quite the entertainer for a while now. She is quite strong, but not strong enough to stop me."

"Yes, I am!" Hermione growled out, fairly ticked off that Nott was picking on not only her, but her family. And calling them weird names... 

She blasted a huge light of magic at Nott and he fell back into multiple bookcases, knocking them to the ground.

He was knocked unconscious and Hermione was extremely pleased with herself. 

"Right, "I can't stop you" my left bloody foot. How was THAT for handling you, you freak?! You creep! You sad, miserable, dung heap! I'm powerful! I'm never going to lose to the likes of YOU!" Hermione said, standing over Nott's body victoriously. 

Harry was chuckling. "You don't mess with a Potter and get away with it." 

"THATS RIGHT!" Hermione said with a fist bump into the air. 

Draco and Merlin were still in the shadows, and they were both watching on with smiles and chuckling through it all. 

Then, Hermione gasped, eyes glazing over, grabbed her things and ran out of the library. 

"What was that all about?" Draco asked Harry and Merlin as they came to Harry's side. 

"Dunno." Harry answered. 

"I know." Merlin said cryptically. 

"And you and your smarty pants aren't going to tell us anything, is that right?" Draco snorted. 

"Just... Be prepared for a research frenzy." Merlin sighed. 

Harry's eyes bugged out, knowing exactly how his sister could get into a certain subject and NOT let go of it for weeks to come... This was going to be oh so much fun....

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