Merlin At Hogwarts

This is a crossover fanfiction of BBC's Merlin and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. This has nothing to do with my other fanfiction that I am rewriting. It is just something that I've decided to do upon request of my sister and myself.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


3. Guilt Is But A Memory

Draco looked on as Weaslette hugged the mudblood. She was crying? The mudblood was crying. That's the second time today he'd seen her break down. 

But what terrified him was when Weaslette's face contorted in anger and she slowly, but powerfully left the Library cursing and talking about multiple ways to torture and kill a "bloody little blonde ferret." He stepped back and his deeper in the shadows. He heard sobs and turned back to the mudblood.

Why do you keep referring to that smart and beautiful woman as that vile, disgusting word? A voice in his head asked. 

I don't know...

Then, he was brought back to to reality when a heart wrenching sob escaped her mouth. He looked on in horror as suddenly, the Library's books were turned into missiles and started to fly around. Then the wind started to roar, it was immense. Too immense for a mudblood to be able to have. 

But the power was evident. It belonged to...Hermione. 

That was weird. Her name, that's different. 

He was so shocked that when a book came and hit him on the side of the face, he didn't even flinch. 

But as soon as the doors bursted open, he saw Weaslette, NewKid Merlin, and ScarFace walk in. Well, Weaslette was dragging ScarFace in by the scruff of his Gryffindork pyjamas. 

Then they stopped and Weaslette exclaimed, "It's worse than only five minutes ago!" in horror. 

ScarFace visibly gulped. His sister was in a lot of pain and he had never seen her like this before. Draco could tell he was afraid. 

"Merlin..." He heard him breathe in surprise. "Where is he?! I'll kill Malfoy myself!" Potter growled, the magic around him crackling. 

Hermione screamed as something cut her face. Her skin was sliced open and blood seeped out. Then another. And another. Her screams became more and more pain-filled. These weren't from her magic...

She sounded worse than last year when she had to fend off the Cruicartious Curse from the fake Mad Eye Moody. And even during that time, Draco had had a hard time watching. He wouldn't tell anyone, but he went out to the Astronomy Tower that night after it all and saw her crying there. It broke his heart and warmed him in a way that only she had ever been able to do. So, he silently cried with her.

But this time around, it felt worse. Almost like it was happening to him and not Hermione. He looked down, and saw blood on his hand. 

It is happening to me too! He thought in surprise.

Then, "How do I stop this?!" Harry cried out over the roar of the wind and her screams. 

Harry? When the h-ll did I start calling him by his bloody name? 

"Look at your girlfriend, Ellian." He heard NewKid say with a smirk. 

Ellian?! Potter...Ellian? What does that mean? And why did that name ring a bell?

Draco turned his attention to Ginny. 

Ginny?! What the bloody h-ll is wrong with me?! 

She had made it through the barrier of wind and was now kneeling by Hermione. 

"Hermione? It's me. Ginny. I'm here to help you. Trust me." Draco heard her whisper soothingly, as if it was him she was talking to. She took Hermione into her arms and made her breathe slowly and calm down. She rubbed her back, trying to help her. And Draco felt that too. This was starting to weird him out. 

Hermione clung to her for dear life, afraid that if she let go, she'd die. She was still shaking uncontrollably. But the bleeding stopped along with the cuts that would magically appear on her. The ones still covering her face and body would need to be healed and soon if she wanted to avoid a horrible amount of scarring. And the same could be said about Draco, except that he was still being cut and bleeding. Even more than Hermione did. 

Hermione's eyes flew open and landed directly on him. She saw everything. And immediately knew what Draco had done. He went rigid. 

But, instead of revealing him, she gave him a whispered, "Thank you." before she fell into the welcoming, warm pit of darkness.

Draco stood stock still as he watched Harry levitate his sister away without the use of his wand. The magic was still snapping, crackling, and popping all around him. He was still too angry to channel his magic through his wand. He wasn't as powerful as Draco's Hermione was. She knew what she was doing and she had enough power for it. Hermione? I like the sound of that, actually. Almost like King Arthur and Guinevere. Draco thought with a smirk. 

Then, a few memories weaseled their way through to the front of his mind. And he clasped on the floor. He didn't even see Merlin rushing to him with a look of concern ripping across his features. 

Nor did he hear Merlin's strangled cry of "ARTHUR!!!"

~M. A. H.~

Ron walked into the Boy's Dorms. Nobody was there. It was empty. 

What's going on? Where's everyone? It's passed curfew. 

Ronald continued his search through the Dorms he shared with the other five boys. Nobody was there. 

He checked the washrooms, nobody there. He went down and checked the Common Room, nobody was there. 

So, with a bit of gritty determination, he levitated himself up the Girl's Dormitory Stairs, having--surprisingly--learned his lesson from the first time he tried to go up the stupid stairs. 

Getting to Hermione's Dorm Room door, he braced himself and walked in with his eyes closed, so as to save any girls their privacy. He heard nothing, so he opened his eyes a little bit and then all the way. Nobody was there!

What is going on?! 

He stormed over to the stairs, and without thinking, walked down them and promptly fell on his buttock as they changed into a slide again. Cursing, he went flying to the ground. 

He got up and shoved his way out of the Fat Lady's portrait. 

She gave an indignant cry of reproach and Ron snapped back, "Snuff it, you old bore!" 

He made his way to the only place he thought that they could be. The Hospital Wing. 

Probably something that happened to Harry and Hermione didn't come and tell me, believing me incompetent enough to not have the privilege to know. When I see her....

Ron stopped his mental rant immediately. Laying on the Hospital bed, surrounded by his Dorm Mates and her Dorm Mates, was Hermione. She looked almost dead. His jaw dropped. 

"HERMIONE!" He shouted, running to her side, pushing through people and knocking Lavender Brown out of his way. 

"What the bloody h-ll happened?!" He demanded as he grabbed her hand, shuddering at how cold it was. 

Ginny glared at him, took Hermione's hand back and gave Harry The Look. Harry gulped. 

"Uhhh... Ron?," Harry started, "She was attacked. By someone or thing. Dark magic. There were cuts all over her face and arms and the rest of her body. We saw her have a mental and magical break down in the library. It was bad. Really bad. The worst I've ever seen." 

Ron's face contorted in fear and worry. "Why? Who did it to her?!"

"She broke down because of the Ferret." Ginny spat out. 

Ron grew more and more angry when he heard that. But Ginny wasn't done talking. 

"And you!" 

Ron stopped, confused. "How did I cause her to have a mental and magical break down?! I've barely been speaking to her for three months!"


"WON-WON! You're not going to take that about your gold-digger friend from your stupid, slutty sister are you?!" Lavender cried out. 

That was it. Ron finally saw it. "That's my BABY sister and one of my best friends you're taking about, Brown. Get out. We're done. If that's why I wasn't able to talk to Mione, I don't want anything to do with you. And, before you go..."

Ginny shot her in the face with one of the strongest Bat Bogey Hexes she's managed yet. "Bye!" They all chorused, (except Pavarti and Padma Patil, who happen to be great friends with Lavender. Even though Padma was in Ravenclaw.), as Lavender and her friends left.

"What has Madame Pomfrey said?" Ron asked, sitting down on the bed. 

"She's not likely to live through the night." Ginny whispered.

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