Merlin At Hogwarts

This is a crossover fanfiction of BBC's Merlin and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. This has nothing to do with my other fanfiction that I am rewriting. It is just something that I've decided to do upon request of my sister and myself.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


2. Blood, Pain, and Some Old Memories

Draco mentally slapped himself. That new Gryffindork, Merlin was messing with his head. He was definitely out to get him. Draco felt weird. As of a whole nother set of memories and experiences were being shoveled into his brain all at once. 

He left his dorms and went out into the Common Room. It was dark and dank. Nothing of the sort he liked. No, in fact (as odd as it was) his favourite colours since childhood were red and yellow. 

"No!," he said. "I will NOT allow some new kid to screw with my mind! It will NOT happen!"

But what he didn't know was that he had said it out loud and Blaise Zabini heard him from his spot on the couch. 

"Malfoy? You alright?" Zabini asked with a smirk on his face to rival that of Draco's. 

"Bloody well fine. Just wanting to get rid if the new Gryffindork. I think he is messing with my head. I'm sure he's the one that did that little trick at the Feast."

"Well, mate, sounds like you've got another Potter Squad member on your hands!" Zabini cackled. 

"Snuff it, Zabini! I need some air." Draco growled as he stormed out. 

The thing was though, Draco didn't actually want to get rid of the new kid. No, he just wanted to get to know him...again. 

~M. A. H.~

Merlin walked into the Gryffindor Common Room and didn't even stop to wonder at it. Or the Fat Lady. He didn't need to. He had, after all, created this world for all of them. 

He went to the Boy's Dorms and as it turned out, he shared with Harry, Ron, Dean, Seamus, and Neville. He was currently the only one in the room. 

I've found him! Merlin allowed himself to smile. And Gaius! Gwen, her brother, and Lance! Gods, that man is more daft than I had ever thought! Merlin thought, remembering the scene between Ronald and Hermione at supper. 

So, what I've got left is Gwaine, that tavern loving fool, Mordred, and hopefully not Morgana. 

The door opened and an exhausted Harry Potter came in and went directly to his four-poster bed. And started to change into his pyjamas.

"Thank Merlin! If Mione had been there...I doubt even Merlin himself would have been able to keep him from murdering that bleeding git." Harry muttered as he changed his clothes. 

"What happened?" Merlin called out, surprising Harry.

"Whaa--? Oh, Ron's a git. He went off about how this place was meant for him or something. Then, he produced banners, emphasis on the plural. Banners. That said 'Lav-Lav, I wove you!' with hearts and such all over it. He's lucky she wasn't here. Probably in a corner of the library already done with next month's work."

"So, she likes him?"

"Yes and no. Ron's stupid. Always has been. But, he's not usually this stupid. She's had a crush on him since third year. But the thing is, I know there's someone else. Someone's she's liked since first year. She can hide it very well, but I know there's someone. Just not who he is!" Harry surprisingly confessed to Merlin. 

Arthur and Guinevere. Draco and Hermione. Hmmmm...interesting. Merlin thought sarcastically. 

"Well, maybe she doesn't even realize it?" He suggested to Harry. 

"It's possible, I suppose." Harry conceded. 

"Just give it time, Harry." 

"Yeah, I will. By the way, Merlin, have we met before?" 

"Yes, I believe so, Ellian." Merlin said while muttering remembrance spell. 

Harry's mind was over whelmed with memories. Family. Knighthood. Brotherhood to Arthur through Gwen. Guinevere. Lance. Gwaine. Gaius. Mordred. Morgana. 

"Merlin's beard!" Harry gasped and then laughed. "You only ever had a beard as that crotchety old man; Emrys. Wait! You used us as stairs to get up on that bloody horse!"

Merlin laughed. "I knew you'd be the easiest. Thank the gods. But, they've all goto accept it, Ellian. Your twin sister. Your best mate... And Snape knows he's Giaus." 

"Anybody other than Snape!" Harry groaned. 

"Draco is Arthur. And he doesn't remember, not fully, not yet. And Snape is Gaius! Don't forget how many times he save your life! In this lifetime and the last." Merlin chastised. 

Harry grumbled about something but stopped wit one look from Merlin. 

"This is going to be one long year." Harry sighed. 

"If you think it'll take Guinevere and Arthur that short of time, then yes." Merlin said soberly. "Better get ready for it."

~M. A. H.~

Hermione was still in a huff. Ron was treating her like an idiot she was sick if doing his work for him, and she was ready to hex him and his stupid cow of a girlfriend the next time she saw them. 

Not to mention Draco-Infuriate-Is-My-Middle-Name-Malfoy still going after her with his derogatory terms and hurtful words. She was still crying. After all these years, she was still reduced to hiding in the back if the library where no one ever went to cry. 

"Filthy, scummy mudblood such as yourself, Granger!" Kept running through her mind.

She felt it as if it were the first time all over again. The pain that cut so deeply into her because of his words. The tears began anew and she started to choke back sobs. 

"Hermione?" A girl's voice called out in a whisper-yell. 

She stiffened at first, but decided that she couldn't care less anymore. She knew that next job the cycle was her uncontrollable anger. 

Her sons became real and loud. Soon enough, Hermione heard soft footsteps approaching her. 

Then warm arms encircled her. She didn't need I look up to know it was Ginny. She leaned back ready to break down completely and just move on with the cycle. But, apparently today was different, because her body was crying for her to just cry and cry and cry. 

Ginny patted and smoothed down her hair, soothing Hermione down until only a small burst of tiny sobs were escaping her friend. 

"Shhhhh... It'll be alright, Mione. Ron's a right git. And a prat. Don't worry about it, he'll come round eventually." Ginny said. 

"B...bu..ttt...," sob. "Tha...tttsss.," sob. "Not...," sob. "Oonn...yy...Iitt.." Hermione forced out. 

Ginny stiffened. She knew what her best friend meant. "I'll be right back. Stay here, don't move, try and read something if you can." And with that, she disappeared.

Hermione couldn't do anything that Ginny just told her to. So, instead she curled up in the fetus position and cried some more. 

~M. A. H.~

Within a mere three minutes (which was a record) Ginny was bursting through the Boy's Dorm Rooms and grabbing Harry by his pyjama shirt collar and dragging him to the Library with merlin following after. 

"Wait! Gin! Where are you taking us?" Harry gasped. 

"Your sister has met a new rock bottom. And you need to see what that ferret did for yourself before you kill him!" Ginny growled roughly. 

Merlin smirked at this. This small, rage filled redhead reminded him so much of Ellian's fiancé. That must be who she is! 

Within two minutes (nope, new record now!) Ginny had successfully dragged Harry and Merlin to Hermione in the library. 

The sight that they beheld was astonishing to say the least. 

Hermione was rocking back and forth, sobbing her eyes out and her magic had gone array. Books were flying everywhere, birds were popping up out of thin air, and wind was blocking them from her. 

"It's worse than only five minutes ago!" Ginny gasped in horror. 

Harry gulped. His sister was in a lot of pain and he had never seen her like this before. He was afraid. 

"Merlin..." He breathed in surprise. "Where is he?! I'll kill Malfoy myself!" He growled, the magic around him crackling. 

Hermione screamed as something cut her face. Her skin was sliced open and blood seeped out. Then another. And another. Her screams became more and more pain-filled. She sounded worse than last year when she had to fend off the Cruicartious Curse from the fake Mad Eye Moody.

It felt worse. Like her life was being drained out little by little and then a new opening would appear. She was in too much pain.

"How do I stop this?!" Harry cried out over the roar of the wind and her screams. 

"Look at your girlfriend, Ellian." Merlin said with a smirk. 

Harry looked for Ginny, but, she was, as usual, five steps ahead of him. She had made it through the barrier of wind and was now kneeling by Hermione. 

"Hermione? It's me. Ginny. I'm here to help you. Trust me." She whispered soothingly. She took Hermione into her arms and made her breathe slowly and calm down. She rubbed her back, trying to help her. 

Hermione clung to her for dear life, afraid that if she let go, she'd die. She was still shaking uncontrollably. But the bleeding stopped along with the cuts that would magically appear on her. The ones still covering her face would need to be healed and soon if she wanted to avoid a horrible amount of scarring. 

"Thank you." She breathed before she fell into the welcoming, warm pit of darkness. 

None of them noticed a pale blonde in the shadows by the closest bookcase to them.

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