Together Forever

meeting your best friend in a dusty orphanage isnt exactly the way you want to right, but when best friends Emily and Cameron turn 15, their life will completely change for the best


1. The Drop-Off

Imagine waking up, alone or screaming from a nightmare and no-one coming to soothe you, that's what i was like, at 2 days old i was dropped off at Clearview orphanage by my dad. But i was too young to understand now im 15 and just getting the last details of my so-called life. My best friend Cameron, unlike me knew his parents all up till he was 1, three months after his birthday, his parent told him they loved him and... left him.

We shared a room, side by side, we were two peas in a pod and still are 14 years later, no-one came for us and we kind of adopted each other as family.

We haven't heard from our family, but we've heard on the radio that Cameron's parents are celebrities.

We don't know our last names but for now its Smith, Sister Mary Smith, for now we are her responsibility, but we enjoy it, she goes home and brings up treats, shes fed up, bathed up and put a roof over our heads for 15 years.

Sister Mary told me that my parents loved me, but that's the reason they left me, they were only 14 and didn't know how to look after me, but i don't mind, Cam and me are fine, by ourselves.


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