Short Extracts

These are basically short things (really no other word to describe them) that I wrote when I was inspired by various things at different times. It's all very vague. Anyway, enjoy! and feel free to critise me in anyway


1. Nick in a Stenson

    Nick ducked into a dark shop and watched as his parents charged past shouting his name.  He stayed like that until they were around the corner and finally looked around him.  He was in some indie shop where they sold random stuff like corsets and unknown band's merchandise.  Thinking quickly, he grabbed a stetson and brought to the cash desk.  Some over-weight dude with shaggy blonde hair and an ill-fitting T-shirt sat on a high stool looking at a magazine.  He looked up.

    "Fifteen seventy," he said, returning to his magazine.      "What?  Fifteen euros for a hat?" cried Nick but the guy nodded.  Sighing, Nick paid him and slipped the hat his head, pulling it low.            The guy handed him the receipt and immediately Nick regretted.  Sure, stetsons were cool.  That was a known fact but they were not very inconspicuous.  However maybe his family wouldn't recognize him if he wore something so weird.  They had always thought he was the most unadventurous of his family.  Maybe he wouldn't have been so contained if he had been occasionally allowed outside instead of being locked up in his room everyday. 

        Nick turned the way he had been chased, keeping his head down low.  He could speak Latin, Greek, French, German, English, Irish and small bits of Japanese but he had never played in the garden with his brothers.  He could play the guitar, piano, cello, flute and drums but he had never jumped in puddles after a rain storm.  He knew every constellation but he had never slept outside under the night sky.  Instead he played with Francine his maid (and only friend) in his bedroom and Francine would sometimes set up a tent in his bed room where she projected the night sky onto the roof if his parents were out of town or at a party for the night. 

        Nick had been eleven when Francine was fired from then on in Nick had only his teacher to talk to him day-to-day and only saw his parents at dinner four or five times a week.  Derek was sixteen at that point and still lived in the house but he avoided Nick like the plague.  He never talked to Nick at dinner and if Nick came into a room Derek would leave or pretend he wasn't there.  Finn was twenty-two and lived in New York where worked in their father's companies New York branch so Nick didn't see much of him either except at Christmas or Easter. 

        Nick was going to be nineteen in a few days and he knew is parents were waiting for something.  They were making preparations for something huge and ominous for Nick which he definitely didn't want to be part of.  So he had escaped the house with little nothing else than his ID, his life-savings and some of his possessions as well as a change of jeans and a few shirts.  He would have to get some more clothes but first he needed a room and a job. 


                        Nick walked around for a while until he found a cheap apartment block where he could rent an apartment with one room and a bathroom.  The building was red-brick and the sealing was peeling from the window and doors.  A cheap, molted, purple carpet lined the floor and the elevator was broken.  It wasn't the large clean open bedroom he had at his old house which made it perfect.  He finally had his own room that was his alone and his to choose what he did with it.  At home, he had to clean his bedroom every morning before breakfast if he wanted to eat before classes but now he could make a mess and nobody would scold him for it. 

        Firstly he took off his bag and unpacked his stuff.  He took the five thousand euros he had saved from birthdays and Christmas (you tend to accululate money when you never have to spend it) and stored it a plastic bag then he to the small nook under the kitchen sink.  Next he put his spare clothes in his bedside locker and then began placing his few items around his room to make it homelier.  The room had only one bed-side locker, one double bed, a kitchen and a small TV set.  When he was finished he took fifty out of the plastic bag and put it in his wallet alongside his ID.  Time to go grocery shopping and canvas the area. 

        Nick returned to the apartment after three hours when he left simply because he was so mesmerized by everything.  Millions of conversations went on and people moved in some sort-of harmony so their was no accidents.  Except when Nick was added he threw everything off balance and he crashed in to maybe six people if not more on his way to the shops around the corner.  Everything was so loud as well.  Cars honked and  everything seemed to blend into one never-ending conversation. 

         Nick's room had come with a cooker, a mini fridge, a dividing counter and sink.  There was a window directly above the sink which showed the third story apartment directly across from Nick which was a small window proberly belonging to a bathroom.  Nick had also gotten a smoke alarm to replace the one above his cooker and he also took down the dirty yellow curtains that hung around the window.  Next he took out the bleach and began on the bathroom until it was five o'clock.  Five hours of freedom and he had spent them cleaning his apartment.  Lame.  Time to do something fun. 
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