Midnight Memories

Faith is just a regular 17 year old high school student who gets bullied all the time and is constantly fighting with her mother because she never gets to see her father. She's always been the one with the broken heart when it comes to relationships. But what happens when she meets one direction when she sneaks out to a concert with a close friend on a school night? What happens when 2/5 of 1D fight over her? Read the book to find out!


1. intro.

Hi my name is Faith and I go back and forth between living with my father and living with my mother because my parents are divorced and live in different houses in different towns. I'm really close with my mother because she's known me all her life, same with my dad, just not as close. I never get to see my dad because he's always on business trips flying over to different states. I'm a high school student but I'm failing some of my classes and I don't really have any real friends. I actually just got out of a relationship about a month ago with my boyfriend because he cheated on me and used me. (What a bitch). Because of all of this I Cut or once in awhile I slit my wrists, my parents don't even know about it. I cry so hard every time I do it but at least it eases the pain for me. I'm not really looking for a new relationship anytime soon but if I find someone I fall for, then I'm there. My name is Faith and this is my story.

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