Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


31. Welcome Toby! I hate you Toby.

Louis, Harry and Liam jumped into the couch. 'Who's the new directioner?' Liam asked. Niall held Toby and let them see Toby. 'This is Toby. He's 4 years old.' Niall proudly said. Liam came to Toby. 'Hello little boy! My name is Liam Payne. Give me a high five!' Liam said. Toby gave him a high five. I was a little bit jealous how they did to him. 'Welcome into the family!' Liam said and he sat back down. Louis came to Toby. ' I'm Louis Tomlinson. Want a carrot?' He said. Toby grabbed the carrot and ate it. 'Good boy.' Louis said. Niall looked at Louis. 'He have to eat Nando's, not carrots!' Niall said and he looked said. 'Now he's a healty boy. Be happy with it!' Louis said and sat back down. Niall rolled with his eyes.

Harry came to Toby. He looked at Toby. 'Hello! I'm Harry Styles. Welcome into the family little Toby!' He said. 'Can I get a hugg?' He asked. Toby gave Harry a hugg. I was a little bit jealous. Harry sat back down. I went to my doll house. I played with my dolls.  Niall put Toby down. He walked to me. 'What are you doing? Playing with dolls are for losers!' He said. I looked sad. 'Then I'm a loser.' I said. I want to be brave. 'Yes, you're a loser!' He said. I thought he was a good boy, but he's mean. I don't like him anymore. I ran to my room with my dolls. I closed my door. I hope that nobody followed me.

I was sitting on my bed and played with my Zayn doll. 'Daddy is the best daddy ever!' I said. Suddenly someone opened the door. It was Toby. 'Do you really think you can run away from me?' He said. 'This is my room. Go away!' I shouted. 'The boys said that I can come to your room. It will be mine when you're gone. When you're with your mommy.' He said. I can't believe it. 'It can't be true! Daddy wouldn't do that!' I said. 'He did. Niall and he decided it.' He said. 'So say goodbye to your dolls here in your room!' He said and laughed. I ran to Zayn. 'Toby's mean! He said he would get my room and he said also that dolls are for losers.' I said and looked sad.  Zayn kneeled and looked at me. 'I think you're jealous because he's new. And yes he sleeps in your room when you're with mommy.' He said. 'But, but, he said that my dolls are for losers! And he want to destroy my room!' I said. Zayn looked angry. 'Laura! Don't overact things! I can say he can get your room if you can stop whining about this!' Zayn shouted. I ran away to my room and hoped he wasn't there again. 


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