Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


11. Visit Grandparents Malik.

Zayn went to his bedroom and laid me on his bed next to Perrie. 'Here's my little princess or little mixer.' I laughed and cuddled Perrie. 'Had a good rest?' I nodded. Perrie combed my hair with her fingers. 'What should we do with your hair? Curls?' I nodded again. She picked me up and went to the bathroom. She took a chair and put it on the sink. She shouted. 'Zayn, will you help me please?' Zayn came in. 'Will you please held her when she stands on the chair? She wants curls in her hair.' Zayn nodded and looked at me. 'Curls in your hair, princess? They should suit you!' He held me and gave me a kiss.

Perrie curled my brown hair with a curler. After that Zayn picked me up. 'Now you're a princess!' He tickled me and I giggled. He put me down. Perrie looked at my hair to see if it's perfect. She gave me a kiss. 'Now, mommy does her hair and dresses her up. Daddy dresses you now. And then if there's time over you can play.' I nodded and followed Zayn. 'What do you like to wear today?' He kneeled and looked at me. The closet was opened. 'A dress!' 'Which dress?' 'You might choose!' Zayn laughed. 'Okay, daddy search one for you.' He looked and found one. It was a pink and brown dress. He helped me try it on. 'You're ready!' He smiled. I giggled. 'No, shoes!' 'Oh! Thanks to remind me!' He winked to me. He grabbed my shoes and tried them on to me.

'Daddy dresses his up. You can play in your bedroom sweety. We'll come when we're done.' He let me go to my bedroom. I went to my bedroom.  I played a little bit.  Half an hour later Perrie came in. 'We're gonna eat breakfast and then we're going to your grandparents.' She gave me her hand and we went downstairs. I sat down on a chair. And I ate the things Perrie gave me.

After that, Zayn picked me up and sat me in the car. Perrie held her handbag and an other bag. She put the other bag next to me. I'm wondering what it is. She sat down next to Zayn. Zayn drove, as usual. 'Are you ready honey?' Zayn looked at me and started the car. I nodded. He smiled.

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