Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


45. The concert in Ireland

Lou was also there. She did the boys their hair and also their make-up. I played with Jacob and talked to him. 'Did daddy asked you to be his son?' I asked. 'Yes, and I said quickly yes. Of course I want to be your brother.' I giggled. 'And now, Laura. I want to know about Toby... I know he was mean to you and now you're in love with him?' He asked. 'Well I don't know. Yesterday when he went away, it felt like my heart was empty. It felt like my heart stopped beating....' 'Wow, Laura. You're really in LOVE!' I giggled. 'I didn't dare to say it to daddy, so I said it only to uncle Niall.' 'And you have let him promise?' 'Of course. He have to promise me to keep it safe for daddy. But it doesn't matter anymore. Daddy knows it.' 'Yeah, and he isn't mad at you for it.' 

Zayn came into the room. 'My two children!' He shouted. 'Are you ready for the concert. I'm gonna introduce you at the end of the concert.' 'Wow. Should they like us?' Jacob asked. 'Yesterday they were enthusiastic when I came up stage.' I said. 'It will be the same.' Zayn said. 'Okay.' 'When I say 'Laura and Jacob , come here!' You will come on stage. If it is not you stay with Lou and Lux.' He said. He went away. The concert started. I heard them singing plus the crowd screaming. Lux came to me. 'Laura! I heard you're in love!' She said. I laughed. 'Not again!' I said and she giggled. 

Lou sat next to us. 'Well girl, I have time so you have to explain it.' Lou said and Lux sat on her lap. 'I don't know, when daddy went away with him to the orphanage I felt pain. Like my heart stopped beating.' 'Wow, that's heavy for a 3 years old girl. Are you really sure about it. Real love is only when you're a teenager or an adult' 'I'm in a few days 4! I'm a big girl! I'm smarter then you think!' I said. 'Will you throw a party on your birthday?' Lou asked. 'I wanna come with mommy!' Lux said enthusiastic. 'You have to ask daddy or mommy. Because that week I'll with mommy.' I said. 'Oh, so we can't throw a party at a concert here with you?' Lou said and Lux looked disappointed. 'I will ask your father for your birthdayplans and if you're with your mommy we'll visit you.' Lou said. She's like family or a best friend for me. I smiled.

After an hour or more I heard Zayn saying my name. I went to the stage with Jacob. The crowd was unbelievable they were positive again. Zayn picked me up. In his right hand he held his microphone. 'This is Laura, she's 3. And next to me is Jacob, he's 10.' Jacob was shy. He waved to the crowd. Niall came to me. 'Throw the crowd a kiss.' He said. 'Or me!' Harry said. I threw a kiss to Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall. Harry's cheeks turned into red. And then I threw a shyly kiss to the crowd. The crowd screamed 'We love you Laura and Jacob!' I smiled.

'They like me!' I shouted to Zayn. 'Of course. Why don't they do that?' 'Because I'm from an orphanage and maybe they hate it and maybe they want to be your adopted child.' 'Crazy girl!' Zayn said and laughed. One direction sang a last song and then we ran off stage. 'That was a perfect concert!' I said to Zayn. 'Of course the end was the best when you came to us. And when you sang with us.' 'You've talent, sister.' Jacob said. I blushed. 'Really?' I asked. Jacob wanted to say something but Zayn interrupted him. 'Yes, if daddy says it it's true. You have a beautiful voice like your mother. We should maybe sing together? A song with us 3 or 4? If Jacob and you want it.' He said. Jacob nodded. 'But I think I can't sing.' He said disappointed. 'Of course you can sing. If you ' can't ' you can learn it!' Zayn said. 'So you're in?' 'Of course.' 'And you Laura?' 'I'll try.' I said and hugged Zayn.

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