Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


41. Prove it!

We went to Niall. 'So you think your son speaks the truth already? I had something that you have to hear. I was changing my clothes. And when I came back he was there with Laura. I was waiting on a corner to hear them. I record the conversation.' Zayn said. 'Well, you're a lair, Zayn! I said nothing wrong to her.' Toby said and came in the room. 'Let me hear it!' Niall said. Zayn would gave the phone but Toby grabbed him and threw it on the ground. 'What did you do! It's my phone!' Zayn screamed to Toby. 'It was an accident!' Toby said. 'I don't believe it.' I said. Zayns phone worked again. 

Toby was furious. His plans came out. Niall heard literally the truth. 'Toby, how could you do this to us?' Niall was furious. 'I did nothing. I didn't say that. They changed all the text I said.' 'With a phone it can't be changed. So tell me, why did you hate Laura? Why did you lie to me?' Toby looked at the ground. 'So speak up! I can wait for it, I can wait here 600 hours it doesn't matter for me. I wanna know. You stay here in this room until I know why did you do that...' Niall said. Niall looked at Toby. I wait for answers. 'It wasn't not the meaning of it. I think I was jealous... But Laura she was someone who I wanna be. She had a family, I hadn't one.' 'So that's why you did it? I don't believe it! ' I said.

'You're not the only Laura! Sorry, that I've been mad at you. I don't know that he was evil.' Niall said. 'It doesn't matter anymore. I hope you love me again?' I asked. 'Of course I love you Laura. I always do.' 'Niall smiled. 'Come here! I wanna give you a hugg.' I ran to Niall and gave him a hugg. 'Toby, now you can choose. You can say sorry to Laura or you can leave back to the orphanage.' Niall said.

'Then I choose for the last option.' Toby said. I couldn't believe him. Why does he want back to the orphanage? 'What? You choose for the orphanage?' I said.'Yes, you hate me now because of my behavior to you and I think it is the best that I should go to the orphanage. Niall deserves better then me...' Toby sighted. Now I think I'm gonna think better. 'I forgive you but you have to deserve it...' I said. 'Really? Do you really forgive me? All my faults all my mean sayings?' He asked. 'Yes, if you can prove to be a better boy.' I said. 'And Niall?' Toby said. 'Well, you will always take a part in my life so I will forgive you if you can prove it to us that you deserve it to be forgived.' Niall said.

'Maybe I should try to be more gently.' Toby said. I gave him a hand. 'A new start.' I said. 'Laura, if he's not gently you say it to me or your daddy.' Niall said. 

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