Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


49. Niall, are you mad? Say something to me!

I saw Niall, sitting on the couch. I ran to him. 'Are you mad?' I asked. 'No...' He sighted. 'Is there something?' I asked. 'No, nothing.' He said but I know there was something in his mind that made him mad or sad. I sat next to him. 'You can tell it to me uncle Niall.' I said. He smiled and gave me a hugg. 'There's nothing, there is something but not for childrens ears.' He said and winked to me. 'But I wanna help you!' 'You can't Laura, you can't.... ' He said and sighted. He hugged me and went away to his room. I followed him. 

'Is it me or Toby or Jacob? Tell me Uncle Niall. I don't wanna see you being mad or sad.' I said hopeless. He held me in his arms. 'Laura, it's just I miss a family... like your daddy, he has you and Jacob and his wife Perrie. And I'm just alone. I thought that I could bring up Toby , but I can't because he's evil to you.' Niall said and sighted. I saw a tear falling off his cheeks. 'It's not your fault. You couldn't not it that he was evil. And uncle Niall don't forget it, I love you.' I said and hugged him. He smiled and blushed a little bit. 'You're an angel, Laura. Sometimes I want you as my daughter. But I know that Zayn is the perfect dad for you. He loves you so much.' Niall said.

'You are my second dad, uncle Niall. When there's something with my daddy, I'll come to you with everything.' 'That's sweet and nice to hear it. ' Niall smiled and looked happy now. 'Shall I have to tell you something?' He asked me and I nodded. 'You're daddy is like my big brother, he take care of me. When someone likes me or I like someone he checked it first of it's a good one for me. He knows that I break quickly and he protect me.' He said. 'Daddy is a superhero! Just like Super Nando Niall.' I said and he laughed loud. 'Your super Laura girl.' He said and stroked my hair. 

'Yeah, then I can fly with you and daddy. And what's Jacob and mommy?' 'They are super Jacob and Super Perrie mixer. Because your mommy is a little mixer.' I laughed. 'You're the best uncle I've ever had. My uncles before daddy, I can't recognize them because my old mom left me in the orphanage.' Niall gave me a kiss on my forehead. 'She doesn't know what she misses. You're unique and beautiful and you'll be always your uncles princess what it will be.' 'And you will be always my uncle, what it will be!' He smiled and put me down. 'Want to play?' He asked. I nodded.

We played with the dolls and some other games like football and some game on Wii or Nintendo 3ds. It was a nice thing to do that with him. 

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