Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


26. Nando Niall and Bunny Louis

We ate Nando's and Niall helped me a little bit. He was also a little bit sneaky he stole parts of my Nando's. I laughed. 'Niall, I have to eat! You can't steal my food. You have your part of the whole bag of Nando.' Zayn looked at Niall and said: 'She's right Niall. Don't tease her! I help her if you do that.' Zayn stood up. Niall looked sad. 'Okay, okay. I don't steal her food anymore.' 'You promise?' Zayn asked. 'Yes, I promise.'  Zayn sat down again. Niall don't tease me anymore with stealing my food. When I was filled with the food and pointed to my tummy. 'Tummy says stop with eating. Niall can eat everything what Laura can't eat!' I said. Niall smiled.

'Yeah more food!' Niall said and the other boys laughed. Louis looked at me. 'Laura?' I looked at him. He had my attention. 'We've prepared something for you. A little puppet-show, but not a traditional puppet-show.' I looked curious. They had prepared something for me? 'Niall, you have to eat later for the puppet-show!' Louis said. 'Okay, I stop eating.' Niall looked sad. I gave him a hugg. He smiled. 'Thanks, Laura.' 'Shall we start boys?' The boys stood up and picked me up and brought me to my own room. Zayn followed. He don't know what they'll do.

There was a curtain like a real puppet-show and some things on the floor like a pack of carrots, a bag of Nando's, a knife, a fork, a glass, a spoon and a bunch of flowers. Zayn sat down next to me on my bed. The curtains are closed. I heard a voice: 

A long time ago, 3 boys lived in a house and had special things. The blonde boy, Niall was addicted to Nando's. The brown haired boy with a striped shirt loved carrots and the other boy, Liam hates spoons.

Niall came up on 'the stage'. He was eating his Nando's. I laughed. And Louis came up with his carrots and ate on of them. Liam came up and was looking around. I think he looked for spoons to avoid them.

The boys lived together and they were happy. They were a little individual. Everyday Niall buys his Nando's. And everyday Louis has his carrots delivered. But Liam has nothing, he was only afraid of spoons. So he said to them:

'Well boys, can we do something together? You eat everyday carrots and Nando's and you don't do things with me.' Liam said and looked sad.

The boys have to think about that so they said:

'We need time to think about it... We want to do something with you.' Louis and Niall said.

Liam understood it but he was a little bit sad.  He wants to do now something with them. So he contacts the beautiful boy Harry Styles, me.

I laughed. Harry came up and talked to Liam. 

The lovely Harry Styles suggest him to take revenge on them. Maybe if they sleep? Then he can make Louis a bunny and Liam can draw Nando's logo on his face.

'I love your idea. I do it!' Liam said.

The boys go to sleep and in the middle of the night Liam went to their bed and draws Louis into a bunny and draws on Nialls face Nando's logo.

I saw Liam doing it. I laughed.

The boys were furious. They knew it was Liam. So they took revenge on him. They decided to draw a his face.

I saw them draw on Liams face. I laughed again.

Liam was a little bit angered about it. But he laughed about it. He knows: if you did it to someone, you can expect that they'll do it to you! This was the end of the puppet show.

Zayn and I gave them an applause. 'I like the puppet-show.' I shouted.

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