Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


51. My birthdaypresents

AUTHOR note: 

I really appreciate your reactions and I think I'm gonna write a sequel when she's 16 years old because most of you choose 16 years. But that is after I'd write some new chapters of her birthday and more. Give me time this month and December because I have exams in December, I will write then chapter but I will be take longer then a day. I will save them as a draft and when they're ready I publish them ;).


i woke up. My daddy and mommy, Jacob, uncles and aunts stood next to my bed and sang happy birthday. I rubbed my eyes. Zayn picked me up. 'Little princess you're 4 now. You will be a big girl. daddy can't believe it.' Zayn said. I smiled. 'We've invited some guests to celebrate your birthday.' Perrie said. 'I see.' I said. 'But there are more. What will you do to celebrate your birthday?' Zayn said. 'I don't know, if I'm with you all I'm happy;' I said. 'Ahw that's so sweet!' Louis said and rubbed his eyes like he was crying. I laughed. 'What? Can't uncle Louis crying for you?' Louis said. 'You're crazy, uncle Louis.' I said. I giggled.

'Thanks Laura. What do you think I'm crazy? I'm not crazy.' He said and I giggled, again. We went all downstairs. There stood presents and more. Zayn put me down and went to a presents, a big one. He gave it to me. 'Here's a present for my little princess.' He said and he helped me bringing to Perrie. I said on Perries lap and packed it out. It was huge and beautiful. It was a photo of us, I don't know anymore where it was made. Perrie pointed at a present and said that Zayn had to bring it. 'It's beautiful daddy and mommy.' I hugged Perrie and when Zayn came I gave him a hugg. 'Shall I hang it up later in your room?' Zayn proposed. 'Yes, but not now. You have to help me with the presents, daddy.' I said and he smiled. He gave the next present. I packed it out again. It was a dollhouse! Like the girls house! I opened the dollhouse. The new Jade, Leigh-Anne, Jessy and Perrie dolls were in it! And a doll I don't know her name , but she looked like me. 'It's beautiful. Is that me?' I asked Perrie. She nodded. I gave Perrie a hugg and Zayn too. 

'Shall we gave our present?' Niall asked. 'Of course, or do you want to give your present first, girls?' Harry said and looked at Jade. It think he likes Jade. 'Euhm, girls what do you think?' Jade said, she looked a little bit confused of Harry's eyes. 'You can give yours.' Jessy said. Niall ran to the presents and picked out 2 of it. He starts with the big one and gave it to me. 'It's a present of all the boys, expect your daddy of course. I hope you like it.' He helped me with it. It was a direction house with dolls in. Like the house before with one direction style. With the dolls of one direction, Jacob doll and my doll. It was so beautiful. 'Thanks, uncles.' I said and tried to go the boys to hugg them en to give them a kiss. They smiled and blushed. 'There is still a present.'  Niall said and gave that one. It was smaller and I can open it quickly. 

It were t-shirts and sweaters. The first one was a t-shirt with a picture of Niall and a text 'I'm the little princess of Niall Horan! Beat it!' . I laughed with it and put it on. 'It suits you!' Niall said and he was proud of his t-shirt. The second one was a sweater with 'Supergirl of Louis Tomlinson' on and a picture of the logo of superman.' I laughed with it. 'Yeah, I can be supergirl with uncle Louis!' I said enthusiast. 'Hell yeah!' Louis said and gave he a high five. The third one was a sweater of Liam, with a batman logo and as a text : 'Liams assistant : batgirl.' I laughed. 'I like it, uncle Liam. Now I can be your assisant!' I said. 'Yeah. See! She likes it! You thought she won't.' Liam said and I think it was his idea. The fourth t-shirt was one of Harry with a picture of him and a text 'Looks like Styles. Only his beauty.' I laughed. 'No, I'm daddy and mommy's beauty!' I said and Harry looked sad. I ran to Harry and hugged him.

'I'm also your beauty, uncle Harry.' I said and he smiled again. 'Thank you, everyone.' I said. 'It's not over, Laura.' Jessy said. And she picked out 2 presents. She gave one of it. I looked at it and packed it out. It was a make up table. 'Now I can put make up on daddy and the boys and mommy!' I said proudly and I saw Harry's face getting anxious. We laughed. I saw there was a comb in it, some make up products and all the things. Jade gave me the second present. It was a little kitchen. 'Now you can cook and we can taste it!' Harry said enthusiastic. 'Oh yeah. They you will get a special meal.' I said and we laughed again. 'Thank you aunts.' I said and hugged the girls. 

The doorbell rang. I ran to the door and grandparents Malik stood there. 'Happy birthday little princess.' They said to me. 'Thank you granny and grandad.' I said and hugged them. They went in and went to the living room where all the guests were. They waved and hugged everyone. Then she came to me and gave me my present. It was a necklace. 'It is not a common necklace. It's a family necklace. Your aunts have also one.' Granny said. Zayn winked at me. 'Now you're a real Malik.' He said and laughed. Zayn helped me putting my necklace on. 'It is beautiful, sweety.' He said. 

The doorbell rang again. Grandparents Edwards were here and hugged everyone. Then I got my present. It was GP set, a medical bag set. 'Mom, you don't have to learn her about body's.' Perrie said and granny Edwards laughed. 'I didn't know what to bought for her. I knew you had bought all the rest. And now she had dolls enough. She can test it on her dolls.' Granny Edwards said. 'If she wants to do that.' Perrie said. 

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