Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


8. Meeting Little Mix.

After a while sitting in the car, we stopped on a beautiful house. It was a typical girlshouse. Perrie picked me up and put me on the ground. She held my hand. 'Honey, you will like my girls.' We came in a living room. Perrie shouted: 'Girls, come here! A new little mixer!' The girls came in and sat in the couch. 

Perrie swallowed and said: 'I've told you about her on the phone. This is Laura, she is 3 years old. Her official name is Laura Alicia Rose Malik. She'll live a week with us, and a week with Zayn and the boys. So she's like a new little mixer.'

I ran to the girl who looks like his. I said: 'Jade! Are you Jade?' She nodded. 'Yes, I'm Jade Thirlwall. And you're Laura! How do you know my name? ' I hugged her. 'In the orphanage, I've had a doll. She had blue hair. And the mom of the orphanage said it was Jade of Little Mix. And I saw you, and you look just like her. And mommy told me there is a Jade in her band.' Jade smiled. 'Yes, I had blue hair. So maybe I'm the doll.' I ran back to Perrie.

Perrie said: 'You know one of the girls. Up to the second.' A brown haired girl came to me. 'Hey, little girl. I'm Jesy Nelson. Can I get a hugg?' I nodded and gave her a hugg. She smiled and went away, back to the couch.

'Now the last one.' said Perrie. A black curled hair girl came to me. ' I'm Leigh-Anne Pinnock. You're a beautiful girl Laura, just like your new mom Perrie.' She stroked my cheek. I smiled and looked at Perrie. She said: 'They are the best friends in the world. They had made a room for you. Shall we go upstairs to see it?' I nodded.


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