Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


47. Going to America

AUTHOR note: 

Hello everyone! I like it when you read the story. I put much energy in it when I'm done with my homework or something else. Sorry that I didn't published a chapter yesterday. I had to work hard for school and there was a 'profession evening' in school where you can talk to people who works in that profession. I can't publish chapters everyday. After 2 weeks we have exams and now I have a lot of homework.

Now sorry for my long note but I have a question for you. I think after more chapters(I don't know how much chapters I can make) I'm thinking of a sequel. What do you think of it? I make then a story about Laura when she's older I think 8 or 16. Do you want a sequel and which age should I pick to do? Leave your reactions and suggestions or expectations ;) They're very welcome. 

__________________________________________________________________________ I woke up. Harry woke me up when he took a shower and sang loudly. 'It's gotta be you! Only you.' He sang loudly. I rubbed my eyes. I heard someone knocking on my door. 'Styles, don't sing so loudly!' Zayn screamed. I giggled. 'Laura, are you awake?' Zayn said. He wasn't in the room but he stood behind the door. 'Yes, daddy.' I said. 'Can you open the door? Your uncle is singing in the shower. I think he will break the mirror with his voice or his face.' Zayn said. I giggled loudly. 'I've heard that, Malik!' Harry said and came in the room with a towel around his hips. I saw his tattoos. He had a butterfly on his chest. 'Nice butterfly.' I said. 'Thanks. Every tattoos has a meaning for me. I like tattoos.' Harry said. 'Can you finally open the door Styles!' Zayn said.

'I'm naked so no!' Harry said. 'Laura doesn't have to see that!' Zayn answered. 'Yes, she have to.' Harry said. I giggled. Harry went back to the bathroom and put his clothes on. When he came back he opened the door. 'Well, well, well. Malik is here! Do we open the door, Laura?' Harry asked. I nodded. I ran to Zayn and hugged him. He picked me up. 'I hope your uncle didn't woke you up with his loudly voice or with his snore?' He asked. 'I woke up because you knocked on the door and he sang. I giggled. 'Oh, it's also my fault? Sorry, little princess!' Zayn said and gave me a kiss on my forehead. 'Jacob dressed him up. Do I have to you with it? Jacob is watching TV now.' Zayn said. 'Daddy have to choose my clothes and help me. And do my hair.' I said happy. He laughed. 'Alright. Superdaddy's coming!' He laughed.

He choose clothes for me: a pink pants and a white t-shirt with the text 'The cutest is here!'. I laughed. 'I'm not cute!' I said. 'You are.' Harry came to me when he said it. He tickled me and I giggled. 'Don't tickle me, uncle Harry!' I said. Zayn helped me with my clothes. 'So you're ready!' He said. 'No, daddy I have to comb my hair!' I said. 'Oh yeah. Right. Daddy forgot that.' He said. He combed my hair and made a braid. 'Now you're ready?' He asked. 'I think.' I said. He smiled. He packed my baggage/trolley. 'We're going to America. Now we have a house there. Mommy will come over to America for celebrating your birthday.' He said. I smiled. 'Yeah. And the aunts? And my grandparents?' I asked. 'Your aunts will come. Your grandparents won't come but if you really want it I can try to fly them over.' He said. 'Would you do that for me?' I asked. 'Of course, everything for my little princess.' He said. I hugged him. 'Thank you daddy.' I said and I saw Harry smiling. 

We packed all our bags and went to the airport. Up to America! It will be an amazing birthday! My birthday! I will be 4. I think by myself what we will do then. Jacob sat next to me in the plane. 'We're going to America! Do you know when we were in the orphanage we saw Demi Lovato and we want to go to her?' He asked. 'I'm dreaming to meet her once. She is so beautiful and nice.' I said and I saw Zayn smiling. Is there's something he knew that I didn't knew? 

We stepped out of the plan when the plane stopped and landed. We grabbed or baggage from the conveyor belt. Then we went to the limo. We stepped in and put our baggage in the trunk. I sat next to uncle Niall. 'The house here in America. Will I like it?'I asked. 'Of course. You can choose were you sleep there are 7 rooms and you can also sleep in a room with your brother or your daddy of one of your favorite uncles like me. ' He said and I giggle with the word 'favorite uncles like me'. 'What?' He asked. 'I am your favorite uncle, isn't it?' 'I don't know. You're all my favorite uncles.' The boys smiled.

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