Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards

Laura is 3 years old girl. She is adopted by Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. After their marriage, they want children. But they haven't the time. So they adopt someone. Laura goes a week to Zayn and a Week to Perrie. She had unbelievable expierences.


29. Back to the orphanage

-day 8-

I woke up and ran to Nialls room. 'Wake up! Wake up! You're gonna adopt a boy!' I jumped on Niall. 'Laura! I have to sleep.' Niall said and he turned his back to me. 'Niall!' I jumped again.  He mumbles something I couldn't hear. 'Niall! Wake up now!' I said. He put me down. 'Okay, okay!' He said. He stood up. 'You have to wear your clothes, not your pyjama!' He said to me. 'But I have to wake you up and then I can try my clothes on.' I said. He laughed. 'Crazy girl. I think you have to wake your daddy up.' Niall said.

I ran to Zayns room. 'Daddy, wake up! We have to choose a boy for Niall! Niall is already awake!' I said. Zayn groaned. 'Daddy!' I said and jumped on his bed. 'Laura!' He said. He stood up and went to the bathroom , when he came back he wore a black skinny jeans and a 'zap' shirt. ' Laura, now your turn!' I ran to my room and tried my clothes on.  I ran to Zayn room. 'Daddy ready?' I asked. 'Yes, but you have to comb your hair? Or do I have to do it?' Zayn asked. 'Daddy have to do it!' I shouted. 'Okay.' He took a comb and combed my hair.

'My little princess is ready!' He said. I giggled. I ran to Nialls room. 'Niall ready?' I asked. 'Of course.' He picked me up and went to Zayn. 'We ate now and then we're going to the orphanage. Okay?' Niall said. 'Okay, Uncle Niall.' I said. I smiled. We went downstairs. Zayn followed us.

We ate and then we stepped into the car. Zayn had a bag and put it next to me. He drove and Niall sat next to him, in the passenger seat. When we arrived , Niall picked me up and  held me tight. 'You can choose someone who you like.' I remember this. It was my orphanage... I was a little bit emotional to see this. 'It's the orphanage where I had lived.' I said to him. 'Don't worry. Maybe there new boys...' He said and stroked my back. We came in. The mum of the orphanage looked to me. 'Laura? Are you that? Why are you back? You don't like it?' She asked. 'No, no. I like my parents but my uncle Niall wants to adopt a boy. And he said I have to help him for choosing one.' I said. 'Oh, I'm happy to see you again, Laura and mister Malik.' She said and looked to Zayn and nodded. 

She came to Niall. 'And you are, Niall Horan? ' She asked to him. 'Yes, I am.' He said. 'You want to adopt a boy. You can look to the pictures in my book or look around. Laura, Matheo and Laurent are adopted. And the girls who are adopted are Sarah Olivia and Yessica.' 'Oh, Sarah Olivia is adopted? I'm so happy for her. She was so jealous when daddy and mummy adopt me.' I said.  'Yes, but a rich couple ,  Hailey and Will adopt her and Laurent. And there are 2 boys new here: Toby, he's 4 years old, 1 year older then you. And Felix, a 5 years old boy.' The mum said and looked at Niall. 'I think you can look to them around the house. You can choose better if you see them.' Niall nodded and followed the mum. He was holding me in his arms. Zayn followed us too.

We came into the playroom. It was the same like I was here. 'Jacob!' I shouted to the dark haired boy. 'Laura, what are you doing here? I thought that you were adopted.' Jacob said when he looked at me. 'I am adopted but my uncle Niall wants to adopt a boy. And he said that I have to help them with it.' I said. Jacob is 10 years old. He protected me like his own little sister. I miss him. 'Daddy, this is Jacob, he's 10 years old. He protected me when I was here.' I said. Zayn looked at the boy. 'Thanks to protect my daughter when she was here. I appreciate that.' He said and smiled. Jacob nodded. 'It was a pleasure to protect her. She laughed and played with me. I miss her everyday.' Jacob said to Zayn. 'If I could adopt you, I did it, I swear. But it's difficult now for Laura. She's a week with me and a week with her mother. And sometimes a nanny have to take care of her.' Zayn said. 'I love children and I'm happy to give Laura a better future. I know it's difficult now, but I know she can trust me.' Jacob nodded. 'I'm happy that she have good parents.' Jacob said. Zayn smiled.

We went further and then we're in the livingroom. There was a four years old boy, I don't know him, but I think it is Toby.

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