skater girl [a harry styles fanfic]

breeanne calder comes back to the u.k. to see her sister Eleanor calder. even though bree is a new popstar and the ultimate sportsman/gamer. she starts to work at nandos to earn some cash to adopt her eight year old sister in the orphanage a few blocks down the road. then she meets ne direction.......


3. second vision

im on the stage thinking of the songs that I shall sing. 1. one thing. 2. magic.3. all over again. 4.little things. 5. my last memory of you.  I sang the first four and I saw harry's cute smile. ok people I have a little surprise for the birthday boy. oh girls I called out. little mix came on the stage.  we sang two the  last four lines. ' we sing to the stars, straight up on mars, nobody gonna tell us to fall apart. its like another thing that we love to sing together. it was meant to be FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!' it ended harry hugged me and said awesome that's the best. whos the best? you he said. we hugged again. he also asked how I remembered the song. I told him its locked in my heart.

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