skater girl [a harry styles fanfic]

breeanne calder comes back to the u.k. to see her sister Eleanor calder. even though bree is a new popstar and the ultimate sportsman/gamer. she starts to work at nandos to earn some cash to adopt her eight year old sister in the orphanage a few blocks down the road. then she meets ne direction.......


2. love has returned.

   ok I just caught up with my old friends so im like sike.   so im working @ nandos as a waitress / entertainer. so I get paid double which is awesome. I got ready for work which is day shift  which was decent. im waitressing for an hour then im the entertainer for a celeberty party. I start my shift @ one so the parties at two. my uniform is a slim black dress like thing with a pocketon the top. when I got two work I came inside maddie was serving lunch.  the floor was wet cuz I could feel my shoes slip on the flooring. bree watch out she yelled. ya ya I stepped over the mop and bucket. I got the wash rag and washed off a few tables. I glanced over two the vip tablewhen some one caught my eye. maddie was kissing liam payne. I got out the megaphone and yelled get a life. she stopped and looked at me. maddie quit kissing that boy and get your ass back to work. the liam kid came up to me and said he wanted to talk to the manager. well liam you already are so I suggest that you sit ya ass back in that chair and shut up. I waved and said Bubye. of course the whole band was there with their girlfriends except harry and niall. oh and maddie.ya she replied. if I catch ya kissing him on duty we are seriously gonna have a talk.maddie. ya. hey i'll be right back. I saw flashing lights outside so im gonna take my brake now. I walked to the door opened it. hey people listen up. there will be no cameras , news reporters,no anything that gots cameras. got it now scram all yall get a move on people. scram now get a move on get. bye now. I shut the door then walked to the windows shut all of the blinds and sat down.                                     harry's pov.                             man you should talk to her shes hot. but what if shes taken? what if shes not interested? man you are harry styles she isn't gonna say no. ok I will go talk to her then.                     brees pov.                                  I saw harry get out of his chair. then alain looked through the blinds and screamed. what is it alain? its Matt. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. really? yes hes coming out of his private jet. omg . I got my phone out and put my facebook page up. feeling happy with matt diamond.          then I hit post the door opened. I looked up to see matt with roses. matt. I dropped my phone on the floor. he came over to me spun me round and embrassed me in a hug. he kissed me on the cheek. I love you breeanne said matt. same here. bree you are as beautiful as I remember you. ahh matt. you want something on the house. well bree I have to go before james flips. ok but aren't you missing something? oh yeah I forgot. he came over to me and placed a gentle kiss on the lips.bye matt. text you later. ok I let in twenty eight hundred celeberty's. harry walked over to me and asked if I was the entertainer cuz im a popstar. I said yes and I will be singing most of your songs but I have a surprise for the finale. well I gotta go get ready. my big performance. I cant wait.

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