skater girl [a harry styles fanfic]

breeanne calder comes back to the u.k. to see her sister Eleanor calder. even though bree is a new popstar and the ultimate sportsman/gamer. she starts to work at nandos to earn some cash to adopt her eight year old sister in the orphanage a few blocks down the road. then she meets ne direction.......


1. im back!

            so its been maybe its been like five years since I have seen my sister Eleanor calder. when I got to the airport I almost got mauled by teens asking for autographs. now im on the news the reporter said hi im demi regers news cast I am here with a miracle of the u.k. im her with one of the calders you love. BREEANNE CALDER!!!!!!!!!!! so bree are you glad you came back? yes demi im thrilled to be back home. so bree, if you don't mind asking is there a reason why you love being here? yes im back to see my sister and getting a job and possibly a boyfriend. well I gotta go night u.k. I said before walking a way. I heard my sister scream my name then I saw her.she signaled me to come hug her I screamed elle. I ran over hugged her then she swung me around like a kid. then we hugged again. then I got stares from four boys. what ya staring at! looks like some ones got a little attitude. I heard that. please don't tell me you live with them elle. sorry bree. seriously elle, ugh im gonna call maddie shes my ride.i got out my phone went through my old twitter page. saw harry styles on it. oh god that's one of those boys who was starring. I walked over to harry who was still staring. so mr. harry styles no time no see. same here miss. calder. so whats been going on since I left. nothing much you? naa just living the dream. Well I gotta go maddies here by hazz. bye bree. I smiled and waved. I got in the car and drove to maddies. im so glad im back.                                                      eleanors pov.          skip to house.                whos the cute girl elle I like her. niall chill she is my sister. wait your sister is breeanne calder. yeah she looks nothing like me.i know she is much hotter than you. so do you all have crushes on her? harry I yelled sorry he said. niall gmmie. he threw me harrys phone. harry why do you have pics of my sister? harrys got a booboo. here is her number call her.ok.

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