skater girl [a harry styles fanfic]

breeanne calder comes back to the u.k. to see her sister Eleanor calder. even though bree is a new popstar and the ultimate sportsman/gamer. she starts to work at nandos to earn some cash to adopt her eight year old sister in the orphanage a few blocks down the road. then she meets ne direction.......


6. another mystery part 2

 skip 2 years later!                                                                                                    flashback 8 months ago.       hes been acting weird latly! skip to later that day. what the heck harry you freaking screwed and spooned with that nikki chick when I was gone that's it we are done over. then I kneed him in the balls. he fell down and I moved in with maddie and Eleanor. since we were all single we look through cute guy magazines and enjoy life. we all quit our current jobs to relax a bit. so now its summer and we decided to go to the pool. maddie put on pink swimshorts and a pink bikini top and flipflops. Eleanor and i put on the same thing but hers is blue and mine is orange. we couldn wait to get there. when we did all of the boys looked at us up and down a few times then we saw one direction. we put on our sunglasses so they didn't see us.  they were checking us out though. we took our shades off and went to the diving board. niall looked at me and stared as well as the other boys observed the stunts we pulled. maddie did cartwheels up the board and backfilped into the water. Eleanor did a handspring over my shoulder and dived in. I did a back handspring up the board then back flipped off of the edge and dived to the bottom of the pool. I touched the bottom and came up. I got out and we went to g tan. we through our sunglasses on and tanned. then  5 figures stand in front of us.  what do you guys want I practically yelled at them. our girls back they replied. maddie got back with liam and Eleanor got Louis back. harry  looks at me  and said please bree. sorry curly im into some one else. is it I my band? I aint telling you but all I can say is I like blondes with blue eyes I replied. niall looks at me and smiles. we can be friends but our friendship wont be as strong as what it used to be.  before they all left niall asked to talk to me.                                                   n: did you mean me?   b: of course I did I kept a promise to you that I never forgot. n:i loved you all a long breeanne. B: me too but I was to shy to say it. n: can I walk you home?b: sure the girls are getting rides home so ya I don't mind.                   skip to walk home. we talked for a little bit and he told me the boys will be coming to get him. then we went in my house and watched insidious 2. niall  cuddled with me the whole time we watched the movie. his ride wasn't there yet but we standed on my porch waiting. I didnt expect  anything until nials lips crashed into mine. we kissed for like 20 minutes until we heard harry's car horn go off.  everyone watched him kiss me. I saw jealousy in hazza's eyes. he hugged me and kissed my cheek. I kissed him back ran inside and started texting him nonstop. we did that until3 a.m. im dating my middle school crush[ played over and over and over again] until I fell asleep.

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