skater girl [a harry styles fanfic]

breeanne calder comes back to the u.k. to see her sister Eleanor calder. even though bree is a new popstar and the ultimate sportsman/gamer. she starts to work at nandos to earn some cash to adopt her eight year old sister in the orphanage a few blocks down the road. then she meets ne direction.......


5. another mystery part :1

                brees pov.                                                                                           im still sleeping when i feel lips on me. i try to resist but my reflexes are to strong i couldn't stop.i sensed a dead being next to me it sounded female. it was ready to bite me then i really let the reflexes take over. i knew harry wasn't looking so i grabbed her throat and choked her. i got up and in half a second she was on the ground. nice try nothing like that gets passed me. the boys came over to me and tried to make me let go of the girl. they said drop her. i said you really don't want that youll be sorry. Louis yelled drop her now! i replied as you wish.  i said the words immortal imparent  binx. harrys like what. my eyes turned green as harry's. i told them shes cursed. im not an idiot i know shes a vampire i could sense her a decade away. harry looks at me kinda funny. i know you guys are too.  don't try to touch me cuz atleast three of you will die! i heard liam say someones fighsty. i gave him a texas wedgie that's the little i can do. i ran back to the girl snapped my fingers and she got up. her eyes were purple.  oh nikki. yes master we have things to do. lets go find maddie my assistant. what did you do to her bree zayn yelled! he came at me. i grabbed his fist. calm down big guy it will wear of eventuatly after shes no use to maddie. i know how to reverse the curse but unfortunately its maddies doing so she would have to say the spell backwords to reverse it. i can do just little by going in her mind and pull a few strings. i would have to make sure maddie doesn't kill her.what they all yelled! god guys just joking. but witches like yours truly can play a lot of tricks but im not like that im not as evil as maddie. maddie could have you dead in two seconds. i could do the opposite. i can make life in anything and reverse any spell but my own. what do you mean niall asked?  i cant reverse my curse i have had it since i was little. even maddie and Eleanor we have all had it since birth . Eleanor has the weather ability. maddie has charm and death. i have charm, goodluck,and life. my reflexes are a package with my curse i cant help it. as well as feelings i don't feel anything i cant feel pain,just heart ache. i am cursed with memberence of the bad things i have witnessed in my life.  gotta go maddie will kill me if i am not there shortly literally. hey bree? ya niall. can i walk you home? sure. my eyes turned crystal blue. harry talked to the boys for a second and caught up to me and niall. we talked about the curse for awhile then harry asked me out. i said yes and he kissed me goodnight. he hugged me for a little bit then he kissed me again. niall gave me a hug and he cried on my shoulder i told him it will be fine. he said no it wont. i said why not? he said cuz i cant have you. if anything goes bad between me and harry which knowing him something probably will you can have me i promise. he said and i promise we will undo this curse if its the last thing i do! thanks niall. your welcome bree night princess. night prince niall.

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