Life Unexpected


8. What happened?


i was sitting in a hospital with the rest of the boys and katie's friends. About an hour a tall girl walked in called julia and claimed she was a friend of katies. Katie had fainted and i couldnt catch her. She hit her head off of a table when she fell. I had hit harry for kissing my girl. then she just fainted. We called an ambulance cause when she fell and hit her head she bled and lost a bit of blood. WE were told by a doctor that she might not pull through. 

We heard her beeping of her heart on a machine she was hooked up to. it was pretty slow. It began to get faster and faster and she was begining to wake up. I jumped out of my seat and ran over to her. 

I said "Katie, babe can you hear me?"

she opened her eyes and looked scared 

i said "its only me babe, niall"

she looked at me confused "who are you?"

My heart sunk. She forgot who i was. I yelled "Liam go get a doctor!" 

Liam ran and came back with a doctor. He ran a few tests and said she had 'temporary memory loss'. 

Zayn said "temporary?"

the doctor said "yes. she has 2 days to remember her memories or they are gone forever"

I looked at her, she was so scared.


I woke up in a room full of strangers. I didnt remember anything. There was this one boy there he looked so worried. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He said his name was Niall but it didnt ring any bells. I wanted to remember but i couldnt!!

They took me home and were asking me questions like whats your favorite food and whats your favorite tv show?

i couldnt remember anything. We were in the  blonde boys apartment and everyone went to their hotel rooms and apparently the girl named julia would be staying with me and the blonde boy niall. He was very attractive looking. We had a double hotel room so julia went into the other bedroom. Me and niall went to bed. It was like sharing a bed with a stranger but he was apparently my boyfriend so it kind of felt right. 

He whispered to me "katie?"

I said "yeah?"

He said kind of awkwardly "do you mind if i cuddle up to you?"

I said "no its ok"

he cuddled up to my back and i felt the warmth of his body transfer to mine. It felt so right. I turned around to face him and he opened his eyes and smilled. 

He whispered "i love you" and i smiled back

He whispered "you really dont remember me?"

i said "no but i want to!"

he smilled and said "can i kiss you?"

i looked unsure but said yes anyway. He moved me closer to him and put his hands around my waist. He kissed me slowly and then he stuck his tongue in my mouth and i moved mine into his. He deepened the kiss. It felt fimiliar. NIALL! it was Niall!! i rembered! i pulled away and hugged him and said "Niall!" 

he smiled and said "you remember?"

I smiled and said "yes all of it!"

he looked at me and said "julia, your driend shes in the other bedroom"

ijumped up and ran into the other room she jumped up shocked

"whats wrong jones?" (she had a nickname for me, jones my favorite fizzy drink)

i yelled "JULES I REMEMBER" 

she jumped up and gave me a huge hug and whispered "i missed you".


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