Life Unexpected


7. The search


Im sitting here in my hotel room bathroom with a tub of pills deciding whether to or not to take them. I really did like saoirse. I didnt love her but i liked her a lot. What hurt more was that i had been attracted to katie aswell from the start. She was with niall i think tho. I heard a loud banging at the hotel room door i didnt move, SHIT i forgot to lock it, i heard them walk in. Niall screaming "Harry?". He came up to the bathroom door and i had locked it so he couldnt get in. I heard saoirse yell "Harry im sorry, i didnt mean to hurt you". I heard zayn yell "if you dont get out here in 1o seconds ill break the door down". I thought he was joking but i heard loud bangs coming through the door, they were trying to kick it down. I started yelling and opened the door. i said in an angry tone "what are you at? are you crazy?"

We all sat down and talked about what had happened and said we were sorry well now katie was with niall and saoirse was with liam. They moved pretty fast. Weve know these girls for a day and they already are 'together', it bothered me how liam knew how i felt about her and he still got with her. Michelle was bunking with me now. She was the shy type. She slept on the couch and i slept in the bed. I wasnt really trying to impress her anyway. I was a flirt and she knew it.


I had to bunk with harry since liam and saoirse asked for a room swap. Harry kept staring at me. It freaked me out a bit. I said bluntly "what are you looking at?". He said "your beauty". I was affended as i had a boyfriend "I have a boyfriend harry". He moved closer to my face and whispered "He doesnt have to know". I slapped his face and walked out and went straight to Nialls room for katie i needed to vent.



I was on top of niall making out with him. My hands wrapped around his neck and his around my waist. I loved him. I pulled off his shirt and he pulled of mine. I wen to take off his jeans when i heard a knock on the door. I sighed and put my shirt on, he did the same. I went and answered the door and Michelle was standing there i asked "Are you okay?" she shaked her head "can i sleep in here with you guys tonight?". I looked to niall he nodded and said "come in and tell us whats wrong". 

She explained to us what had happened and how harry made a move on her. She refused him and niall got really pissed off. I dont blame him. Harry was coming on to my friends and i didnt like it either. 

I said to niall "wait here ill go talk to him" he nodded as i left the room and made my way to harrys. I knocked and he answered and looked at me with those sad eyes.

He said "I really want to be alone right now"

i replied "i dont care you cant treat girls like toys harry"

he looked ashamed of himself but didnt say anything.

I looked at him and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug in attempt of comforting him. He looked at me and whispered "i think i love you". And i said "im with niall you cant". I dont care i feel what i feel.

He leaned inand i tried to back away but he was holding my face with his hands. His lips met mine and i tried to pull away. But he was too strong. I wasnt kissing him back. I was simply trying to free myself.

Then i heard a door open and Niall yelling "get off of her". He let go and looked at my face lifeless. All i saw was niall puch harry to the ground. I fell to the ground and everything went black.


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