Life Unexpected


5. The Birthday

*nialls pov*

I woke up with Katie by my side. She looked like an angel when she slept. She was so beautiful. Her phone started to ring. What a surprise me and the boys were her ring tone. Kiss you was playing and I reached to her phone. It was her mother. I answered and explained how Katie was sleeping and she asked if I could take her and all the boys and the girls to her house and her mother explained it was her birthday. I shaked her and said “Goodmorning Beautiful”. She smiled and said to me that was my first time. And I looked at her confused and she said that was her first kiss that meant anything. She said she had kissed boys at the discos and that was it. We got up and dressed she wore the shorts and the shirt from the disco. She looked at me smiling and said “Stop looking at me like that”. We woke up the rest of the gang and made our way to the taxis. We shared a taxi with Lorraine and Louis. She told the taxi driver the address and while we were driving Lorraine looked at Katie and said “Happy birthday Katie!”. Katie blushed Krimson and said thanks.

When we got to the house we all went around back and when we went inside about 20 people jumped out and screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Sh hugged everyone and opened her presents she went into the hallway and walked to a room and I followed her with the boys. And she looked at us “you cant go in here this is my room”. I looked at her and said “Come on babe , your mom said that we would be surprised at what we saw in here”. She opened the door the room was huge, The same size as our hotel room nearly. We looked at her walls and she blushed krimsone. She had posters of me and the boys all over the walls and nobody els just us boys from one direction. There was a desk in the corner , she ran to it and tried to hide a huge folder behind her back.

I looked at it and it said my 1d binder. The boys looked inside and gasped and looked at her and said “you really are a huge fan of us”.

In the folder she had pictures and  pages and pages of facts on us. She had five pages which were all the reasons why she loved liam,zayn,louis and i. But no harry. Had she really not written about him? Well what i saw on the next few pages really suprised me. Liam was her favorite in the band, not me. I asked her when had she wrote this lorraine answered before katie could. "Last week , tuesday we wrote it together. Mine is on the shelf too , she pulled out her folder to reveal all the reasons why she loved louis and with that Harry stormed out of the room grebbing saoirse and taking her with him. Oh boy woul i hate to be her right now, I looked to liam and zayn. Liam was reading all the reasons why katie 'loved him', zayn looking at grace in the eyes in deep conversation, and louis kissing lorraine. Katie looked at me and i looked at her back.

I knew the drama was about to start

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