Life Unexpected


2. Shocked


The two girls started screaming. I could swear they were identical.Katie was a tall, Red headed girl. She was a bit of a tomboy in shorts and a simple top and heels. She was beautiful. The other girl was Lorraine.She was tall also with Red hair, but their faces were completly different looking. They were both beautiful. She wore black heels and a short black tight dress. The DJ introduced us and the Girls began to cry. We were told to go up the stairs, which were broken off from the kids of the club. The girls were still in shock.

We began to walk upstair when Katie broke the crying of happiness and said "what about the girls?"

Lorraine looked at her and said "oh shit!" she walked toward a man in a dark suit and pointed toward 3 girls in the crowd. They were brought up to the room at the top of the stairs, where the boys and I were sitting. 

The other girls didnt scream. I was guessing they wernt huge fans. They came over to us and louis continued to stare at Lorraine. The Girls were around our age. Aged 17-18. They were all beautiful. The girls were called Grace, Michelle and saoirse. Grace was tall and had balck hair straightened and was wearing a long flowing dress.Michelle was wearing what looked like shorts and a top and very high helled shoes. Saoirse was a small girl. She was beautiful and was wearing a short red dress. We were introduced to them and It turns out that they wernt huge fans. Whereas Katie and lorraine were still crying over the fact that we were here. 

We sat down on the couches Katie sat beside me and I loved the fact that she was Irish. Her red hair was Beautiful. I really liked this girl. She was all questions about our lives in the band and she told us how hse tweeted us like 7 times a day each even though we never saw them.

These girls were so bubbly and chatty. Grace was staring at zayn and he was staring back, smiling. I leant over to Katie and whispered "I think Grace fancies Zayn" . 

She giggled and replied "Shes always saying that shes not obsessed with one direction but she loves your music and shes always liked Zayn".

I laughed and she did too. I think i really like this girl...

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