Life Unexpected


9. Relief


Niall ran to get the others to tell them i remembered while i caught up with julia. We were talking about how our biggest dream came true, we met one direction! She had always loved louis but the way it was going it looked like Lorraine and Louis were really hitting it off. Niall got everyone and they all came in and gave me hugs. 

im so happy i remembered!



Right now i wanted to cry. Louis walked in with Katies so called 'best friend'. Its not like i knew her that long we met at a summer camp when we were little and sort of lst touch but one day she popped up and joined my swimming class and i dont know we just have a certain type of bond.

I was hurting that louis didnt notice me. But when Liam came in his eyes met mine instantly.I dont know maybe i should let things go with the flow and see where life takes me.



When I had finished my talk with harry we both went to my hotel room where everyone else was. We found everyone except liam and katie. 

Harry looked at me and said "where could she have gone?"

"I dont know Hazza" i replied my mind wandering. 

a/n sorry for this really short chapter





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