Life Unexpected




I was so excited. I was sitting in my room staring at my one direction posters. Dreaming about the night ahead. Its not like I had never been to Toffs before. But i just couldnt get over the fact they were raffeling off one direction tickets at a teen disco.

I was snapped out of my daydream by the doorbell. I had been home alone all day as dads away in america at work and mum wouldnt be home from work till 6. My brother and sister were at the childminder. I was 17 so its not like i couldnt stay at home by myself!

I went to the door and answered it, Lorraine standing there in full view. I screamed i had missed her so much. Even though it had been three days since school was out for halloween. She pulled me into a tight hug. She was wearing skinny jeans, converse and a green hoodie, which matched her red hair perfectly. We were often called the twins since we looked alike and both had red hair.

We hopped into the car and i saw Saoirse, Michelle and Grace sitting there all squealing, excited. "calm down, its just me!" i said sarcasticly 

They all looked so layed back in leggins and hoodies. Lorraine and I always did overdress. We went to lorraines house and ran straight to her room to get ready. We only had 2 hours to get ready and with Grace thats short time

*2 hours later*

We were all sat in the car on the way to Toffs When the radio caught my attention. One direction's Kiss You filled the car. I began to laugh and sang along to the music. 

"Oh God, Not them again!" Michelle said 

"Oh i just wanna take you anywhere that you like we can go out any day any night baby ill take you there take you there baby ill take you there yeah" Zayns voice filled the car as Lorraine and I sang along.

We had aour own special bond between us outside the rest of the girls. What could I say I loved her. 

We pulled up to Toffs and qued up. Once we were inside we ran straight to the dance floor. To my surprise One Direction was played a lot and Lorraine and I were jumping around dancing doing our own thing. 

After about an hour the DJ announced that there were a few special guests here tonight. He said that a few girls were spotted dancing to their music and by their friends we have their names. Can Lorraine Conboy and Katie Thomson please come up to the stage. We stared blankly at Michelle, Grace and saoirse who were sniggering. 

We were confused.We made our way to the small stage in the club. It wasnt like we were in LA or anything it was just a small town in ireland. 

We were up on stage and we were called up to help with the 1d raffle. As embarrasing as it was my phone started ringing. I looked at the DJ to see if I  could answer It. He gave us a nod. I grabbed my phone from my shorts' pockets and I didnt recognise the number. I slid my finger accross the screen and held it up to my ear. A strong Irish accent filled my ear but it wasnt a sligo accent.

The voice was fimiliar but i just couldnt put my finger on it. As the crowd began to stare at something behind me in gasps and screams. Lorraine began to scream and the voice on the phone said turn around love.

I turned around and standing there were the 5 boys from one direction.



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