Life Unexpected


10. Liam or Niall


Liam and I ditched the meet up in the hotel and just went out by ourselves as friends. He had brought a backpack with food in it so we could have a picnic like thing in the park. We made our way to the nearest park and sat diwn on the bench.

He pulled out two sandwiches and beers. I laughed at the fact he had chosen beer as the drinks. We were eating our food and he pulled out the folder he and the boys had seen at the 'birthday party'. He took my sanwich from me and handed me the folder.

I looked at him confused "what?"

he looked at me and said "i want you to explain all ther reasons you love me"

i opened up the page and saw that he had signed it at the bottom and all the boys signed there own. I squealed that i had autographs but continued on with the reasons. Most of them were stupid like 'his hair, smile, voice' and stuff like that.

He smiled at most of them and he pulled out 2 sheets of paper from his pocket. He had done 5o reasons why he loved me. I looked at him confused "as a friend right"

He blushed krimsone "yeah sure"

I read all the reasons and i loved them and i  looked at the last one and it read 

'i want to be more than friends' 

i smiled at him "liam i.."

He cut me off "please just dont say anything... can we have a sleepover tonight like friends?"

I said "sure why not!"

and with that we began to walk back to the hotel. I walked into nialls room and found a note on the inside of the door. "gone for drinks we back whenever . love niall xx" i wrote on the bottom of the note that i was having a sleepover in liams room and that michelle could stay with niall.

Liam and I went to his room and put on a movie. To my surprise he put on toy story. He was like a little boy inside. We sat on the bed our eyes glued to the TV and i cuddled u to him and rested my head on his chest. We were just like best friends. I heard niall come home and harry yellling at him i went out into the hall and harry yelled "no katie get back inside". 

I looked over to niall who was pure drunk with another girl.

My heart sank it hurt really bad. Liam grabbed me and took me inside. I cried my eyes out and he comforted me. He had an arm wrapped around me and the was stroking my hair while my head rested on his chest. 

He whispered softly "I think i love you".

I smiled and looked at him "liam.. we are best friends and im with niall"

He looked at me shocked "After what just happened?"

I didnt know i just told him i would talk to niall but that i would be back.

I walked into the hall and walked over to nialls hotel room. He never locked it unless i was in there. I opened the door to find him and that girl fully naked on the bed and him on top of her. My mouth dropped to the floor they both stared at me and i managed to croak out "niall we are over"

I walked back to liams room and knocked. He answered the door and i ran into his arms crying. He said "whoa, what happened"

I cried softly into his chest and said "hes in there having drunken sex with that bitch"

We layed down on the bed and cuddled, until i calmed down.

I whispered ."Liam?"

He replied and looked down at me "yeah? u alright?"

I giggled "yeah its just can i try something?"

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