Life Unexpected


3. I cant believe this is happening


We were still in sat in this room for about an hour. Chatting about nothing and everything. These girls were amazing. Even though Katie and Lorraine were huge fans they didn’t freak out on us. I still like Katie at this point she was sitting beside me quite close. On this couch there were, Louis, I, Lorraine and Katie. On the opposite was Zayn, Grace, Haryy, Saoirse an Michelle. Liam was sat on a chair beside us. I think most of the girls liked one of us boys. Except for michelle, she was still giving me the evil eye. She had a boyfriend called eoin downstairs. She wasn’t allowed to invite him up though.

The girls were beginning to get tired the disco had just ended and the girls didn’t win the 2 tickets to our concert for next month. Still we gave them a ticket each. Katie was screaming once I handed hers to her. She cried tears of happiness. She cuddled up to me and put her head on my chest. It felt so right. Grace was leaning in on zany too. The rest of the girls were holding hands with Louis and harry. Liam and Michelle were sat there awkwardly.

 The disco had ended but the girls didn’t want to go.So we called their parents and told them the girls were staying in our hotel. The best hotel of 2 in this town. It was convenient how Katie’s aunt worked here. And she said shed keep an eye on us boys. We all went upstairs into my room. Which was a mess and sat on the ground and Katie said “Does anyone want to play a game?”. Louis raised his hand instantly “I wannna play truth or dare!!” he sounded like a little child. Everyone else agreed.

I got a bottle and placed it in between us in this small circle. I said whos turn is it first. Liam said “Since you said that you can go”. I nodded my head and spun the bottle. It landed on harry I said in an evil voice “Harry, harry harry, You must… get into an ice cold bath for 5 minutes fully clothed”. He agreed Louis prepared the bath and harry hopped in and squirmed as I timed him. 5 minutes of his suffering was up and He hopped out and shased me to get me wet too. We sat back in our little circle and said it was Katies turn. She spun the bottle and it landed on Louis “truth or dare?”. He chose truth. She replied “Pussy, umm have you ever slept with more than one girl”. He put his head down and quiely said “No.” We all began to laugh. And a few more dares were passed around. Niall was nest to me in his boxers. Liam was in saoirses dress and she was in his jeans and top which were huge on her. And liam had his makeup done by Harry.

We decided to go to bed the others went to their rooms. I was staying with niall, Michelle with liam, saoirse with harry, Lorraine with Louis, and grace with zayn.

Katie said to me “Niall what will I sleep in?” and I returned her a loving look staring into her eyes “oh shit, umm, here take tg=his tshirt and ull be sound”. It was so nice talking to another girl my age from Ireland. I didn’t have to hold back any sayings. She walked into the bathroom and came out wearing my shirt and a pair of my boxers. She said “jesus niall, its huge!”. I agreed and we sat on my bed and talked about the band. I asked her who was her favorite. She replied “I know Ive always loved you liam and Louis, I don’t really like harry though, I don’t know why.” I replied “Haha, Im on the favorite list.” She kept going on about how she sat awake at night reading about us and how she loved me and Louis and liam. Its amazing how she kept talking to me. I think she liked me not because I was the niall horan because she liked me as a person.

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