Life Unexpected


6. Drama


Katie always had talked about these boys. Harry thinks i like him but i dont i like liam. I wanted to sit beside liam lastnite but i dont know i dont understand how a guy like that could like a girl like me. We were at Katie's house for her birthday she was finally 18. Harry had seen her room. All the posters of the boys. Hardly any of him. He didnt take it to heart but when he saw the folder how she only wrote why she loved the other boys well that hurt him. He stormed out of  the house taking me with him he called a cab to come get us. He was so embarrassed by walking out. We were standing outside Katies house when i said to him "Harry, i.." he cut me off by a kiss. I pulled away. He looked hurt, i said "Harry, im sorry i like liam". He totally flipped out on me. He started screaming about how i led him on. Which i didnt. I told him "Im sorry harry i hope we can still be friends." and with that i walked inside to talk to katie she always helped me in these situations. Sure she was a bit annoying at time and very loud but she always helped us when we needed it. 

I walked into her room on her kissing niall. I said "wow, sorry". They looked so embarrassed but we all knew they liked eachother so i just turned around and niall yelled "Wait saoirse, wheres harry?" concern written on his face. I explained to them how he had kissed me and i told him i liked liam and he flipped out and rode off in a taxi.

Niall said "This isnt good last time a girl refused him he flipped out and we didnt see him for 2 days". 

i replied "shit im so sorry i just dont like him that way". 

i walked into the lounge where the boys were cuddled up by the fire. I dont blame them it is ireland! We were all sat in a circle and niall broke the news to the boys we arranged to sleep in the hotel with them because we were going to search for harry tonight. 

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