Life Unexpected


11. Betrayel


Today I had told Katie my feelings for her and she told me we were just friends which really hurt. Atleast she knew how i felt. Things were a little awkward when she cuddled up to me but i really didnt mind. Out of the blue ase asked me if she could try someting. I didnt know what she meant but i agreed. How bad could it be? well what she did took me by surprise. She softly kissed me on the lips for five whole seconds and then pulled away. She smiled and i grabbed her face and kissed her once more but harder. I knew Niall was my friend but i just couldnt resist her. 


I woke up with a naked stranger in my bed.  Where was katie? Oh boy i had done it this time. I got up quietly and went to the other bedroom in this hotel room. I opened the door and i found katies friends Julia and michelle.

 they looked at me disgusted and michelle blurted out "Hows it feel to be single?"

My mouth dropped to the floor "WHAT?"

Julia sarcastically laughed "You didnt expect her to stay with her once you slept with another girl did you?"

Michelle looked at me "Shes in liams room if you want to talk to her"

I looked at them "What time is it?"

Julia looked at her ipod "3am, you got home at 2."

I looked at her and half smiled "thanks."

I walked out of my hotel room and went to liams. I knocked on the door and heard a few whispers and people shuffeling aroun and liam yelled "who is it?"

I replied "Niall, i need to talk to katie"

Liam opened the door in his boxers and a shirt. I looked at him "Can i please just talk to her?"

Katie walked out with a disgusted face "What Niall"

I looked at her "Im sorry, i was drunk i didnt know what i was doing"

She looked at me "Your still drunk goodnight"

She turned around to walk into liams room but i stopped her."Please forgive me Katie, I made a mistake. I just want to be able to hug and kiss and hold you whenever i want, I miss you". 

She looked at me and bit her lip, I could see this was hard for her "If you really felt that way about me you wouldnt have cheated" and with that she turned around and entered liams room. Leaving me out here in the hallway alone.


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