Life Unexpected


12. Back Together


I looked into those crystal blue eyes of his and said to myself 'no, your not getting pulled in again'. I looked at him and his blue eyes looked at me full of sorrow. I just needed a break. I looked at him and said "if you really felt that way you wouldnt have cheated". 

I turned around and went into Liam's room and shut the door and leant against it and i could sense him still outside the door. I heard him sob quietly and i peeped through the peep hole and saw he wasnt there anymore. I was starting to wonder why i slept with Liam. But i did love him and niall equally. I really put myself in an awkward situation.

I had to tell Niall. Its not like he didnt do it to me anyway. Snapping me out of my trail of thoughts i felt a pair of arms wrapped around me. Liam. I smiled and turned around he kissed me softly. I kissed him back and i got caught up in the moment. Just then Niall burst threw the door and the look of hurt in his eyes was just heartbreaking to me. 

I looked at him and said "Niall I...." before i could finish he looked at me tears filling up in his eyes and mine both and cut me off , he said "Now I guess we are even"


I was kissing katie when all of a sudden Niall burst into our room. Well my room. And he just flipped out thy started yelling things at eachother and he calmed down a bit and said "Now I guess we are even".

Katie looked at me and mouthed I'm sorry and then she looked to Niall "Can you forgive me?"

He smiled "Only if you forgive me" 

They smiled at eachother and kissed for like 2 seconds until i said "Im sorry I cant take this" and walked out of the room, I didnt know where i was going but it had to be away from all the drama.


I was sitting a hotel room with Michelle when the door open and we saw that drunken bitch Sandy who had slept with Niall. She looked at us and said in confusion "Wheres Niall". '

I looked to Michelle and she looked at me and smiled "Oh didn't he tell you?He was called back on tour he left about an hour ago".

 Sandy was heartbroken, she grabbed her stuff and walked out of the hotel room, she was gone. Just a few minutes later Niall and katie walked in and they were making out. He pushed her up againt a wall and michelle and i walked out of the bedroom we were in and said "Explain!"

They looked at us shocked "NOW!" michelle exclaimed. We didnt care that it was 5 in the morning we needed an explination.

This better be good..


I forgave Niall but we went straight into things when we got to his room. He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall. Then all i heard was Michelle and julia say "Explain"

We looked at them shocked and i felt myself blush krimsone . Michelle looked at me for an answer and exclaimed "NOW!"

I went to say something but nothing came out. My stomach felt like it was in knots. This wasnt good. I ran to the bathroom and I got sick and heard Niall being yelled at by the girls. I walked back out and michelle ran up to me "Bubz are you ok?" (it was a nickname thing)

I said yeah thanks.  "I need a break so im sleeping with the girls tonight" i looked at niall. 

He said ok and made his way to his room. 

Michelle looked at me and said "Go get grace, Saoirse and lorraine. Its a girls night in!!!"

I laughed "ok". 

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