adopted by zerrie

gianna is a 10 year old girl who's parents gave her up at 7


1. The day

     perrie's p.o.v

today is the day that zayn and i become parents we had peen talking about it for quite a while since we have 2 years off off of work we wanted to adopt im so excited i can nearly wait i got pulled out of my thoughts by the car coming to stop i looked up and we were finally at the orphanage where my soon to be child was waiting for me we  got off the carr and entered the orphanage there was a fairly old lady leading us to the office where we would see all of the girls that were waiting to be adopted there was only about 15 girls in the age we decided we wanted we entered and all the girls were very whats the word umm rude i guess you could say but there was one girl who was getting yelled at in the other room i stepped in and she was very petite she was below 13 but she looked so innocent .

gianna's p.o.v

ms.laney was yelling at me AGAIN!!! i was about to walk out but then there was a really beautiful girl who had blonde long...ish hair and beautiful blue eyes.she came up to me and introduced her self "hi im perrie malik" she said gladly"hi im gianna i would tell you you my last name but i dont seem to know it" she laughed at what i said "well let me tell you something gianna i know your last name". "really what is it i wanna know please tell me please please please!!!"shhe picked me up and we walked to a guy with nice hair she introduced me to him and he said i was adorable she whispered something in his ear and he nodded so gianna you ready for your last name" she asked me i nodded eagerly "your name is gianna malik"  "no way really you guys are adopting me kool" "now go get your stuff ready while we sign some stuff yeah?" ok i said as i walked out of the living area i got to my room and got my few belongings i wasnt going to miss this place i mean who would right as i backed out of the room  i bumped into perrie and zayn,Zayn picked me up and perrie grabbed my suit case i couldnt wait to get out of here. as perrie opened the door i saw a range rover in front of us zayn put me down and opened the door for me i hopped in and thanked him. when we got in the car i saw perrie crying "why are you crying perrie" gianna call me mum and im crying of happiness because my dream came true today" what was your dream mum" she stayed silent for a moment" you baby girl" we then pulled up to the mall  we hopped off of the car and entered the mall i saw 3 other girls waving at my mum" who are they mum" they are your aunts  oh i replied they squealed when they saw me and perrie she is so adorable they all said. hi my name is gianna they all introduced themselves and we headed off around the mall mum had told me to get anythin i wanted 3 hours later i walked out with a i pad, iphone5s,22 pairs of shoes,and 300 outfits i felt bad though using my mums money but she kinda insisted i get all that mum im hungry i whined ok well you think youcan wait like 15 minutes yea i guess .....skip car ride home......... mew and mum got home there was alot of cars there zayn and 4 other people came out and helped with everything we had or i had at least when i stepped in people came popping out SUPRISE!!! welcome home baby girl zayn whispered in my ear thanks dad your awesome and the party went on at around 10 at night everyine had left and mum led me up a big stair case and then down a long corridor we came to a stop and a aqua door with pink letters that said gianna came to sight i opened the door to reveal a aqua and pink striped room and a really big closet with ..........all of my stuff in it OH MY GOSH THANK YOU MUM AND DAD I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! your welcome hun we will let you get some rest. ok  goodnight guys i love you and   mum thank you you are my dream come true. and she walked out i layed down and went into deep thought.




























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