adopted by zerrie

gianna is a 10 year old girl who's parents gave her up at 7


2. school.

i woke up to the smell of pancakes i looked to the clock beside my bed and it was 7:30 in the morning when i got downstairs i saw my mum at the kitchen table goodmorning baby girl she said morning mum why the pancakes and this big breakfast for well gianna today you are going to school she said i dont want to go to school mum its full of kids who are mean and dont behave well gianna u have to go baby ok ok mum i awnsered back i joined my mum at the table to eat some pancakes when i was finished i went upstairs to shower when i was done washing my body and hair i went to my room to put on my outfit for school i grabbed my aqua skinny jeans and my i love nerds shirt i put on my white converse and i went to my mum to do my hair mum can you do my hair like yours in the picture with you and dad plzz. of course sweetie stand on that stepping stool while i go get the curling iron. as she came back she started to blow dry my silky thin hair it was now 8:30 and my hair was done. i look beautiful i mean when dont i right i said to mum she just laughed and said already like zayn and left i grabbed my bag and met mum downstairs you ready soldier she asked yup i replied ok lets go when we were on our way to school mum was singing along to a song on the radio i think it was called move mum you sound exactly like the girl on the radio!! well hun i am the girl on the radio really mum your not kidding no im not kidding gianna wow so ur like famous mum!! yes kinda i guess i was in shock that my mom and dad were famous we then pulled up to a parking lot in school we went to the office to enroll me into the school im gonna be in 5th grade wow my mum finished signing all the papers and the lady gave us a room number so that my mum can walk me to class i was  so nervous to go in to the classroom i didnt want to wen we got to room 602 i opened the door and there was like 25 kids in the class talking drawing and laughing when i went in then all eyes were on me my teacher mrs.thirlwall welcomed me hello gianna umm welcome please take a seat next to isaac and michelle please i soon saw isaac look up and wave so that i can know who he is when i got to my desk isaac bombarded me with questions whats your name?gianna how old are you?10 can i have your number please? um sure i guess 205234578 ok thank you beautiful lady he told me after a while the bell rung and issac walked me too the cafeteria you can sit with us if you want um i guess i awnsered we got to a big round table where there was 4 girls and 4 guys the girls names were katelyn,jackie,angelica,and michelle and the guys were armondo,mario,therin,and brandon they greeted me with nice warm smiles so guys this is gianna can she sit with us isaac asked umm yea she looks kool enough there was silence all over the place but it was loud at the same time they blew a whistle and everyone ran outside to go play it was pretty cold outside and then i remembered i had forgoten at home my sweater then isaac noticed that i was shivering and he gave me his sweater it fit me quite big but it kept me warm we went back inside to class then it was time to go my mum sent me a text and said i had to walk home because she was out running aarons the house was only like 15 minutes awayso i started to walk  all of a sudden i heard my phone buzz in my pocket i took it out and it was from izzy (isaac) hey want me to walk you home? sure i replied 2 minutes later he was screaming my name GIANNA!! WAIT UP!! i stood still and turned back i gave him a grin and started running i ran and ran but he caught up gianna dont make me run so far he said ok i said apologeticly so where do u live he asked umm that house on the left of you haha yea we ran all the way to my house ok well i guess ill see u later yea he said yup bye izzy bye G and with that we went our seperate ways i entered my house and there was a note on the dining table

"gianna there is pizza in the fridge be home at like 3:30 love you baby girl

-mum and dad

i looked at the clock it was 30 minutes till mum and dad got home so i decided to wait for them to get here in the mean while i turned on the cd player and put one of the cds into the cd player i was dancing along to all of the songsuntil in heard mum and dad  pull up i ran to the door threw it open and ran to dad,DAD i screamed he baby girl how was school it was good dad i made 9 new friends really whats their names he asked umm  katelyn,jackie angelica,and michelle then armando, therin brandon, mario and ISAAC!! i squealed ahh he said why u red when you said isaac huh? oh um just hes a cool guy you know and MUM!! i missed you too after that we walked in and my phone on the table buzzed and mum picked it up and saw the message from:izzy:)

hey g what u up to <3

gianna aww look what he sent you she handed me the phone i looked at the message and couldnt believe what he had sent me plus that my mum had seen the stinking message i was about to cry of embaressment but mum stopped me look gianna its ok he just has a little crush on you thats about it so dont cry mu mum comforted me ok so gianna how about we invite him for ice cream right now yeah she asked yes mum please ok call  and invite him ok mum thank you (g=gianna I=isaac)


g:hey wanna go out for ice cream with me and my parents?

I:sure what time

g:like ill pick you up in 10 minutes

I:yeah ok see you then



what he say mum and dad asked he said yeah but can we pick him up? i asked yeah sure mum said we got into the car and left to go get isaac mum had gotten off with me to go get isaac his mum awnsered the door hello i suppose you are gianna she asked me i nodded shyly she called isaac down and he was out the door next to me and my mum in a heartbeat we"ll have him home at like 5:00 if thats fine with you?my mum said sure thats fine.with that me and isaac raced to the car when we got in dad imitated me when i mentioned isaac to him  i looked at him annd smiled haha dad dont try that i said when mum got in we pulled out and we headed off to the ice cream shop in town when we got there we went into the shop and i ordered  cookies'n'creme isaac which flavor do you want umm the same as mr.malik me and mum got the same flavor as well i sat next to mum and in front of isaac so isaac how old are you my dad asked im umm 11 just turned it 5 days ago oh nice man my dad said yeah i guess he looked pretty nervous i looked up and met eyes with isaac he grabbed my hand under the table and i held it back until dad looked under the table and saw us i pretended not to notice sountil he looked at mum and signaled her to look under the tablemum grabbed my hand and pulled it away i looked at him sorringly and he nodded forgivingly we got back to eating our ice cream and soon enough it was almost 5 u kids ready to leave mum asked yea i guess in told mum when we got to the car isaac opened the door for me mum looked at me and smiled i was sure i was blushing because i felt my face turn hotand hopped in then we headed for isaac's house to drop him off the ride there was quite awkward i was kinda scared to get home i dont nknow why though we came to stop and isaac thanked my parents for everything and they said any time isaac and with that we headed home .


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