adopted by zerrie

gianna is a 10 year old girl who's parents gave her up at 7


5. i hate you.

the sound of my phone beeping woke me up i had a txt from isaac

I:hey beautiful

G:hi handsome

I:what u up to???

G:umm nothing in south shields parents had a fight so we came with my grandmum

I:aww really bummer i wanted to hang out with you today

G:yeah sorry anyways i got to go bye

I:no wait umm i need to ask you something????

G:what is it??

I: do you wanna be my girlfriend?

at that moment i woke mum up i needed her advice on this mum  mum mum!!! i need your help please wake up PLEASE!!! i screamed what is it gianna look look she took my phone in her hand oh my gosh gianna say yes say yes baby really mum yes g go on say yes ok mum i got my phone and replied

G:YES!! <3

I:thank god i thought it was a no but i will let you go ok babe

G:OK bye

mum he called me babe ahhh!! aww babes thats cute haha can we go back home now please i asked umm gianna i dont think so please no gianna please mum please no we are going back tommorow and thats final ok mum i awnsered ok lets go out to breakfast get ready baby ok mum i went into mums bathroom and there was pictures of mum and dad in frames but one of them caught my attention it showed mum and dad kissing and they were smiling i showeredand when i got out i took the picture with me i changed into my skinny jeans,and my pink and black hoodie with my black uggs.when i went downstairs mum and grandmum were alreay ready we decided to a starbucks near by i got a chocolate  muffin and a caramel mocha then i got a text saying baby gurl where are you im looking for u guys where are you please im worried??mum dad sent me this she snatched my phone and called him she seemed pretty hurt at what he had said yesterday but i mean i wanted to just see isaac already mum grabbed my arm and grandmum ran after us we got in the car and headed towards mums old house we went in grabbed our stuff and left to the airport mom was  freaking out so i asked her whats wrong mum jade and jesy are in the hospital what why i asked concerned they were in an accident jade broke her arm and jesy well she isnt doing well she dxoesnt remember anything and she sleeps every hour oh thats terrible i said i know we need to get there and fast oh and gianna please dont tell your dad about you and isaac please   ok mum i wasnt planning on it either haha the ride back home was pretty annoying i was bored so i texted isaac

G:hey :)

I:hi beautiful <3

G:what are you diong

I:umm nothing at starbucks

G:oh kool guess what

G:im going back already im like 1 hour away

I:cool cant wait :D

G:YEA so hey ill txt you later ok

I:ok babe see u soon.

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