adopted by zerrie

gianna is a 10 year old girl who's parents gave her up at 7


4. boy talk gone wrong

when we got home auntie jade and jesy were there my dad had just left us home then when we got to the door gianna they screamed hi guys i said we went inside and i knew what it was for so i tried to go up the stairs ah ah ah mum said i stopped and ran back  up the stairs i was in my room when i heard my door open mum was at the door i ran under her arms and down the stirs i ran into jesy and tried to keep running but she got my arm she carried me to the sofa and held me down until jade and mum came downstairs they sat at the 3/4 chairs i got up and tried running again but auntie jade stuck her arm out ahhhh  i screamed i sat back down and then they started so who is tjis isaac guy huh aunt jade said oh hes just a friend yea just a friend ahh is that why you guys were holding hands mum said i blushed and smiled do you like him aunt jessy said maybe maybe not i awnsered back do you gianna umm YESS GOSH awww they said then they got up and went into the room next door when they came back they said leugh-anne would be here in a little whilewe just sat there until the door opened and it was leigh-anne she sat in the 4th chair next to mum they looked so serious i broke into fits of laughter when i stopped laughing they startedlove is a hard thing in life but the hardest thing is the heart break you cry you mourn its just bullshit but its awsome while you guys maintain the relationship we know you are coming of age when you sneek behind your parents back and date a guy but we want you to trust us ok ok soo you know the only one you sneek around is ur dad ok guys i said then the convo was finished we sat around the table and played fun run till there was a really loud noise coming from outside we all ran upstairs i hid with my mum under the bed i started to sobbecause i was so scared i held onto my mum for dear life soon 5 men came in a man with really skinny legs looked under the bed AHHHHHHH  we screamed then they started laughing and took off their mask revealing it was dad and his friends i was crying and mum looked at me and mum signalled me to ngo with aunt jessie jade and leigh-anne then those 4 boys came in GET OUT!! i yelled ok gosh they said then i heard mum and dad arguing

p:zayn why did you do this you are supposed to make her smile not cry

Z:well it was just a joke

P:but now you scared your daughter and you made her cry along with those other bozos

Z:she isnt my daughter she is adopted not mine

P:*slams the door*

gianna get your clothes babe were leaving this asshole cmon ill help you mum where are we going though umm i dont know to south shields oh ok mum i got my i pad and my phone and head phones my aunts packed all my clothes and shoes all my aunts came with us to drop us off at the airport mum already had the tickets to board the plane bye auntie jade i love you bye jesy bye leighanne and thanx for the advice guys see u soon bye when we got on the plane i took my phone out to text isaac but he didnt reply me and mum were playing fun run still but my mind stayed in the moment he said i wasnt his daughter i started to cry and mum told me to stop crying because he was a asshole who didnt know what he was saying we had been talking for so long that mum and i didnt even know that we were 5 minutes from south shields when we got off the plane there was a lady who looked a little like mum hi mum said perrie hello sweetheart how are you im good then she looked down a little and saw me ahh you must be gianna yea i am i said shyly this is your grandmum gianna oh ok mum im sleepy i said ok we are actually quite close to my old house ok mum we drove about 10 minutes and we were at my mums old house me and mum went upstairs and went to her room im asuming you could lay there baby girl ok mum i layed down and then heard mum sobbing i got up off of bed and went to go hug her mum i love you with all my heart dont cry please i told her ok baby lets go lay down  we got under the duvet and my mum put her arm around me and sung to me

momma told me not to wast my life

she said spread your wing my little butterfly......... and with that i fell into a deep sleep

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