The Games

It's 2025 and the games are up and running again. This year the girls are fighting for superstar heartthrobs One Direction. 10 girls from each district. That's 50 girls including Victoria from Niall's District 1, Jana from Louis's District 3, Rachel from Harry's District 2, Alana from Liam's District 4 and Sydney from Zayn's District 5. The 5 of them will do what it takes to win over the boys. But will they succeed?
This is by me and my best friend / cousin. :)


22. Last Friday Night ~Victoria

Video is to  explain Victoria and Harry and how they feel...

​Victoria POV:

​I woke up with a splitting headache. I was on a couch somewhere and Harry was lying on the ground. I looked down and saw i had on a mini dress and no shoes. Nobody else was around but it stank like alcohol and sweat. I got up and looked around. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Empty glasses on the ground, balloons and streamers everywhere and confetti on the ground. There was a party. It all came back like a hurricane to me. I stumbled backwards and fell on top of Harry by accident.
"Ello?" He called out sleepily.
"Crap." I said in return. I hopped up and ran to the living room. Sydney was the only one up. With Justin Bieber. I stared until he turned around.
"Hey! You were so drunk last night Victoria! You were making out with Harry and then Niall went out with Rachel and the pictures are online so check 'em out! Some drunk guy posted them and it's all over the news now!" He said loudly, grinning. My eyes bugged out. Drunk... Harry... Kissing... Niall... Rachel... I couldn't remember the rest and to be honest I didn't want to. Sydney was laughing at something Justin had said now and I turned around to leave. I walked into the kitchen to find Jana and Louis making out in front of the fridge. They broke apart and looked at me.
"Just leave." Lou said, "You've done enough damage." I was holding back tears now. I walked out and right into Niall and Zayn.
I looked down at the ground, holding back as many tears as possible.
"Niall..." I croaked.
"Save it. I don't want to hear it." He snapped and turned back to Zayn. I was horrible. I ran upstairs, past Liam and Alana kissing. I ran into the guest bedroom where I was staying with the other girls and walked into the washroom. I fumbled around looking for something sharp. I hated myself. I had never gotten drunk before and I never wanted to again. But I wasn't going to allow myself to do that again. Nothing sharp in the drawers. I picked up the small mirror in there and smashed it on the ground, glass shattering everywhere. I was going away. Away from the hurtful looks from the boys and comments from the girls. Away from life. I picked one up and raised it to my chest. Might as well get it over with. I sighed and thought it over. Many pros. Only 1 con. I would miss people. But thats stupid. They wouldn't miss me. I pulled out a pen and paper and scrawled:
'Goodbye. I love you and miss you. I am going away now. Forever. I am so sorry for what I did, Niall and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am a horrible person. I understand why you hate me. But I love you all. Victoria xx.'  I left the note on the counter and picked up the large shard again.
Goodbye. I raised it and did it. I was gone. Forever.

Louis POV:

I sighed and pulled away from Jana. She frowned and made puppy eyes.
"I'm going to apologize to Victoria, I was a tad harsh." I explained before heading upstairs to the guest bedroom. Not in there. The bathroom door was open. I went inside and saw her. And a note. And a glass shard. She killed herself. I picked up the note violently and read it. She was gone. Because of us. She thought we hated her. I screamed and slunk to the floor, landing beside her. I heard pounding on the stairs.
"What hap-" Harry stopped mid sentenced seeing Victoria. He teared up. I handed him the note and he read it, starting to cry even more.
"I head crying." Alana appeared with Liam and Jana behind her. They gasped when they saw Victoria. Dead. Liam ran over crying softly after reading the note with the girls. Alana was sobbing on her knees while Jana was huddled in a corner.
"Why is everyone crying!?" Justin Bieber appeared beside Sydney. He was still here? He looked at her body and teared up.
"I barely knew her but she had a kind soul." The Biebs whispered. Sydney wrapped her arms around herself and rocked back and forth on her heels. Liam was checking her body and stuff to see if there was a possible chance that we could bring her back to life again.
"What the %#^* is going on here!?" Niall yelled into the room. Zayn and Rachel were behind him. Then he noticed us and Victoria. He ran over to the note in Sydney's hand and grabbed it. He read it and started to cry a bit.
"All over me? How...? I... I'm so..." Niall whimpered, balling.
Rachel was on the floor sobbing while Zayn was crying, leaning against the wall for support.
"Call 911." Liam instructed suddenly. Sydney ran for the phone and talked to the people there.
*****5 minutes later*****
The ambulance was here in the driveway. We were only allowed to bring 2 people on the car at a time so we decided by what Victoria would've wanted. Niall, Rachel and Harry. They got on and the rest of us piled into Liam's van. We drove to the hospital quickly and arrived shortly after they did.
"They can fix her." Harry announced to all of us in the lobby, "But they have to do an operation to do so. There is a 75% she might not make it though." I trembled. She had to make it. SHE HAD TO. I was sobbing again. Everyone else was too. I wiped my eyes for no reason and sat down on a chair. Everyone else followed and we waited. And waited. And waited for Victoria to come back. 10 long hours went by.

"The operation is done." A nurse said to us. My eyes fluttered open. It was done. But did she survive?
"Did she survive mate?!" Zayn yelled.
"Please no yelling. Yes she did. You may go visit but she is very frail." She said but didn't get to finish since we stormed past her to see Victoria.

Niall POV:

I ran the fastest out of all of them. I was still mad at her but I loved her and we all made mistakes sometimes. I swung open to see Victoria lying in a hospital bed, coughing and crying.
"It worked so well." She murmured. I ran towards her. She looked up and cried even harder.
"Please don't hurt me." She cried.
"I won't. I never would in a million years. I love you Victoria Snow. And I always will." I said planting a kiss on her cheek. She smiled weakly and a couple more tears streamed down her face.
"I an so sorry Niall for what I did last night." She said softly.
"Its okay we all make mistakes." I assured her. She smiled and hugged me from her bed.
"Don't ever scare me like that again love." I said quietly.
"I won't. I love you too much." She whispered.
"I love you too." I said before kissing her on the lips.
"Is she okay?!" Liam burst through the door, ruining the moment. He backed up into the rest of the crew who were 'Oohing' and  'Awing' at us. I blushed and backed up from the bed, still holding Victoria's hand.
"I guess so." Justin Bieber said. I laughed softly and Victoria squeezed my hand. It was nice to be in and feel love again.

Bystander POV:

Rachel sighed as I saw Viall (Victoria and Niall) back in action again. She glanced and Harry and he was staring at her. She blushed and fiddled with her hands. Niall and her had had a lot of fun last night; going to the movies, kissing, going for a drive and eating out. She loved it but it wasn't the same without Harry. Oh well she couldn't trust him anymore. Until he apologized she was staying single. But that might not be the smartest thing to do with Lucy back in town...


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