The Games

It's 2025 and the games are up and running again. This year the girls are fighting for superstar heartthrobs One Direction. 10 girls from each district. That's 50 girls including Victoria from Niall's District 1, Jana from Louis's District 3, Rachel from Harry's District 2, Alana from Liam's District 4 and Sydney from Zayn's District 5. The 5 of them will do what it takes to win over the boys. But will they succeed?
This is by me and my best friend / cousin. :)


21. I can't believe you ~Rachel

Niall's POV

I was talking to Zayn and Louis when something caught my eye.

Not in a good way.

I first saw my future wife to be kissing a guy.

Wait that's not any guy, that is Harry!!??

I slammed my drink down on the table and started to march right at them. I saw Victoria notice me and she gave me a smile.

She's drunk obviously. I clenched my fist.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" I exploded at them, mostly Harry. He's the one that probably got her drunk.

"I'm kissing him." Victoria told me dryly. Harry just snickered and kissed her on the cheek. Just before he reached her cheek she turned just so he got to her lips. Yup, he's drunk too. I could feel angry/sad tears coming.

"It's over Victoria, and I'm telling Rachel." I said before I left. After about ten seconds I looked back at them and saw they were making out again. Forget her. She is a cheating #$%^&.

I stopped to look around for Rachel this would be easy because of her flaming red hair, it was almost like Victoria's but a little lighter. Ah Niall stop thinking about Victoria. As I got closer I started to notice how beautiful Rachel's bright blue eyes were, and how she was really tall but not taller than me. And how her skin had a nice glow to it.

Niall snap out of it okay?

"Rachel...." I slowly say to her.

"Yeah Niall?" She says innocently. Gosh, I didn't notice how cute she was until now.

I look at Harry and Victoria and she follows my gaze.

I look back at her and see her start to tear up. A few seconds later a single tear falls down her cheek. Then she start to fast walk to them taking her drink with her.

The first thing she does is splash her drink at him. "I can't believe you jerk! You can't just go and kiss girls like that, especially my cousin!" Then she moves over to Victoria,

"And you, my own cousin! We were so close and you just betrayed me!"

Harry opens his mouth to say something but Rachel walks away before he can say anything. I study them for a few moments more before I follow Rachel.

I find her leaning against a wall crying her eyes out. I walk to her and pull her into one of my

famous 'Horan hugs'. We stay like this for a few minutes while she cries into shoulder.

"It's okay, you dont need him anyway." I whisper to her.

"But he was so nice to me, why would he do such a thing?" She says still sobbing.

"Harry he's... he's unpreditable." I look into her eyes. "Hey, want to get out of here?" I ask her.

"Yeah that's be great Niall." She says slighty smiling.

About an hour later we were sitting in the movie theatre watching Insidious chapter 2. We knew it had been out for a while and both of us haven't seen it so we were watching now.

Surprisingly she wasn't scared, if I has went with Victoria she would have been terrified.

An hour and forty-five minutes later we were staring to head out of the theatre.

"I had a lot of fun with you Niall tonight." She said looking up at me.

"I did too, you are beautiful when you cry, just so you know." I say making her blush a bit.

Then I leaned in...

And kissed her.

But the crazy thing is,

She didn't stop me.

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