The Games

It's 2025 and the games are up and running again. This year the girls are fighting for superstar heartthrobs One Direction. 10 girls from each district. That's 50 girls including Victoria from Niall's District 1, Jana from Louis's District 3, Rachel from Harry's District 2, Alana from Liam's District 4 and Sydney from Zayn's District 5. The 5 of them will do what it takes to win over the boys. But will they succeed?
This is by me and my best friend / cousin. :)


3. Goodbye home, hello Capitol ~Rachel

Victoria's POV.

The second I heared my name called, I felt like I could fucking explode with happiness and excitment! I will marry Niall I'm sure of it, my life depends on it. Literally. The worst part is that I need to leave my family, and my best friend Erin. I sit in room you're sent to after the reaping is over, I'm waiting for people to come say goodbye. I hear the door open and I look over to see Erin enter. I ran over and hug her, this might be the last time I see her, but if I marry Niall I will visit all the time with him.

"I'm going to miss you." She says sounding a bit choked up.

"Me too, but I'll visit when I marry Niall." I say. She chuckles a little.

After talking for a few minutes of her telling me not to die, the guards come in and tell her it's time to go. We hug once more and she starts to walk out.

"Goodbye." She says.

"Bye." I reply back.

The door closes and I go back to sitting down. A few moments later, My mom, dad, and my 7 year old sister Deedee come in. I knew it would be really hard to say bye to them. We all have a big family hug.

"Marry Niall, I can't wait to have him as my son in-law." My mom says. I've always known she also loves Niall.

"I will." Is all I say.

"And make sure you're safe." My dad said worriedly.

"And make sure you kick those other girls butts!" Deedee adds on with a serious look on her face.

"Okay Deedee." I say laughing, she always ends up making me laugh, even in scenerios where I could possibly die.

Minutes pass until they leave, I hug and kiss them all and then I get ready to leave for the train.

Sydney's POV.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it was destiny!!! I will marry Zayn Jawaad Malik! I will make him fall in love with the one and only Sydney! I sit in the room jumping around with excitment yelling..........


Yeah I'm kind of excited you might have noticed.

I hear the door open and my best friend Jennifer walk in and we both start hugging each other and start jumping up and down.

"I'm so fucking happy for you!" She cries.

"I'm so fucking happy for me too!" I yell.

And we keep talking about how happy we are for what seems like hours. Then the old boring guards come in and say it was time to go.

"Bye, I'm going to be busy marrying Zayn fucking Malik." I say and she laughs and replies,

"Okay bye, Visit me soon!" Then she leaves.

Next my parents come in. I kiss them and start smiling widely (not that I wasn't already). They start gushing about how grateful that I was chosen but worried at the same about maybe losing their awesome daughter.

We talk and talk and talk, until they were told they had to leave. After they were gone, I grabbed my bags and started to think about the capital and meeting Zayn.

Rachel's POV.

Holy shit. I. Rachel. Snow. Have. A. Chance. Of. Marrying. Harry. Fucking. Styles.

Oh lord jesus I might just die, it's so hot is somebody barbecueing in here?

Like my Ain't nobody got time for that referance? Yeah I did too. But I mean, I might marry

Harry Styles. HIS HAIR IS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!! Yeah like my despicable me referance? I thought so. Am I mental you might ask? No I am not, I'm just deeply in love, with a curly haired, green eyed, really hot beast!

I hear the door open interupting my thoughts, but I was happy to see my best friend Isabella walk in.

"Girllllllllll, I can't belive you marrying Harry Styles!" She says running to me.

"I know right!" I say back to her.

We start talking about random thing (because that's just what we do), until the rude guard comes in and says she needs to leave.

We hug and say our goodbyes. Then the room is empty.

Later, the door opens again and in comes Harry Styles!!!!!!!!!

No, stop it Rachel, you're daydreaming again. It's just your mom, dad, brother Michael, and sister Angela.

"Oh my goodness Rachel I will miss you!!!" Said my mom with tears in her eyes. Typical moms.

"Yeah what she said." Said my dad. Typical dad.

"I hope you die." My inmature brother Michael says, which made me want to kick him in the face. But it was nice compared to some other things he's said to me.

"Kill those bitches Rachel!" My sister Angela says smiling evil like. Typical Angela, violent as always.

We hug and say goodbye as they have to leave.
I walk out of the room with my bags and think to myself....


Alana's POV.

Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam, my mind keeps thinking. He's all I think about. My thoughts are broken when Avery walks in, I smile and say hello.

"Why do you look like you were crying?" She asks.

I touch my cheeks and realize they're wet from tears. "I guess I was crying tears of joy without realizing it." I laugh.

"Well that's good, I thought you changed your mind about Liam for a second." She says sounding a little relieved.

"I'll never stop loving him Avery." I say looking at her like she was crazy.

We talk some more until she has to leave.

"Bye Ave." I say using her nickname, tearing up a bit.

"By Lana." She says using my nickname. "Stay pretty." She quickly adds on.
I laugh.

After she leaves my parents come straight in. Wow, I guess they got here early. Well I'm happy because I love them so much that I couldn't wait to see them. But I'm sad that I'll be leaving them. They rush to me and hug me so much that i could barly breath, but thats normal for them.

"We'll miss you so much Alana." They say at the same time crying.

"I'll miss you guys a lot too." I reply back.

We hug for what seems like the longest time until they have to leave.

"Bye." My parents say still hugging me.

"Bye mom and dad." I said while crying.

Right when they leave I start to make sure I have everything I need for the capital.
I can't wait to see Liam.

Jana's POV.

Oh my fucking carrots. I leave for the capital soon. I'll be facing 9 other girls to compete for the love of the one of a kind, drum roll please.... LOUIS TOMLINSON!
Words cannot explain how excited I am. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. Emma barges in and yells at me..

"Why the fuck would you get picked!!!???? It should've been me!!!! Louis Tomlinson will never love you. Never in a billion years you understand!? I've hated you ever since we met!!!! Gosh." Taking me by surprise.

"Get the fuck out." Is all I say.

"Gladly." She says walking out.

I hate her. Who does she think she is to come and say that to me???? Now that she left early, I'll have to wait even longer for my parents to come.

About 15 minutes later my parents come in. I've decided not to tell them about what happened with Emma. They can find out later. Hopefully Emma won't complain to her parents and have them mad at my parents. Emma is so fucking full of herself. I'm actually kind of happy that we're not friends anymore because I've never really liked her anyway.

"Hi mom and dad." I say smiling.

"Hello Jana, Congrats on the reaping." Says my dad.

"Jana we are so happy you got picked, we really believe in you baby." Adds my mom.

"Thank you." I say, glad they're happy.

We talk about the capital, training, etc.

Then they had to get going. I kiss them both before they leave.

I check my bags to make sure I have carrots to give to Louis, because I didn't want to come empty handed. Then I headed for the train.

Lucy's POV.

I've been dreading this fucking day for so long. The Reaping. As the manager of One Direction I need to act happy for them. But it's so hard to be happy. Now that one shitty girl is going to marry my secret love, I wish I could tell him. I will do everything to make sure every girl competing for him will die. Every one of them. Then I shall marry him, because he will have no else to choose from.

I will marry Harry Styles.

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