The Games

It's 2025 and the games are up and running again. This year the girls are fighting for superstar heartthrobs One Direction. 10 girls from each district. That's 50 girls including Victoria from Niall's District 1, Jana from Louis's District 3, Rachel from Harry's District 2, Alana from Liam's District 4 and Sydney from Zayn's District 5. The 5 of them will do what it takes to win over the boys. But will they succeed?
This is by me and my best friend / cousin. :)


1. Day Before The Reaping ~Victoria

Victoria POV:

It's the day before the reaping. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I cant believe it! I've been waiting all year for this! I walk over to my best friend Erin's house and knock on the door. We're going to pick out our outfits for the reaping together and then go home and see if Niall has tweeted or if there are new pictures of him on the web. She opens the door and hugs me. I squeeze her and we laugh. Everyone knows I give the best hugs.

"Hey Erin! You ready to go shopping?" I ask her.

"Yeah let me just grab my bag. I'll be right back." She says as she runs off to her room to get it. I wait outside and she shows up 30 seconds later. We link arms and walk to her car. She has a nice Mercedes Benz and likes to show it off to everyone. Her family is very rich like mine.

"We're going to Honey's first, right?" She asks, interrupting my thoughts.

I smile and punch her lightly. That's our favourite store and we ALWAYS go there first. We get into the car and she starts driving. I buckle my seatbelt and so does she. We get to Honey's 5 minutes later and split up. We know each others styles and sizes by heart so we know if the other will find something that the other would like. I prefer glitz and glam whereas Erin likes dark and mysterious. I hear her scream with joy and she turns around holding this dress, heels, lipstick and the works: She loves it I can tell. I turn around to look at the racks and see MY dress. I go around finding shoes and perfume and finally put together this: I love it!

We go check out and drive back to her place. We go on her computer and start tweeting Niall like we do everyday in our lives.

Sydney POV:

It's the day before the reaping! I think as soon as I wake up in the morning. I jump out of bed and put my clothes on. I jump on the last stair on the way down. I slide into the table and peel a banana while drinking a smoothie out of a straw. I'm so excited! I know that if I get picked tomorrow that I can win and marry Zayn! I finish my breakfast and yell to my mom that I'm going to my best friend Jennifer's house. We are going shopping today for outfits for the reaping. I bike over and ring the doorbell. She answers it and smiles.

"I'm ready to go! Lets go to Shop-a-holics!" She exclaims.

I giggle and follow her into the garage. She pulls out her bike and we start riding. Jennifer and I aren't that rich but we do okay. We eventually end up at Shop-a-holics sweaty and tired. We walk in and immediately start looking around. It's a tradition in all the districts to dress up on the day of the Reaping. It is a special occasion and everyone should look beautiful in what they choose to wear. Jennifer finds something quickly and comes out of nowhere surprising me. She looks very pretty. Her style is preppy and this is what she's wearing: She looks stunning. I smile and go back to looking for my outfit. I like cool colours with a little bit of sparkles. I finally find what I'm looking for: I try it on and I look delightful.

We check out and bike back home. We giggle on the way home feeling so excited with our dresses. We bike to my place and hang out there watching Zayn's X Factor videos for the millionth time and checking up on the latest Zayn gossip. She ends up sleeping over and we have fun all night until we fall asleep at 1 am.

Alana POV:

I woke up crying. I had a nightmare about the reaping. I had gotten picked and was the first one to get killed in the games. I wiped my eyes and hopped out of bed. I walked downstairs in my pyjamas. My dad hugged me and mom kissed my cheek. I loved my parents so much. I made myself some Eggos and drained a glass of orange juice. My cellphone suddenly rang.

"Hellllllllllllllllo?" I asked even though I knew it was my best friend Avery.

"It's Avery. Your best friend? Can I come over and come shopping with you at our favourite store, Oceania?" She asked.

"Sure! Meet me here in 5?" I chirped. I love going shopping with Avery. She's so fun!

"Okay. Bye!" She clicked off. I sighed and told my parents that I was going shopping with Avery in 5. They agreed and told me to come home soon though. I smiled and waited for Avery. She showed up early and we piled into my parents Jeep.

We drove to Oceania and arrived quickly. We got out and ran to the store. I looked around and saw something that fit my style. I like calm soothing colours and no patterns. Avery is the opposite of me. I picked out my outfit and showed Avery. She said it looked nice. It was this: I was walking around the store looking for Avery after she had ran off when she popped up besides be holding this crazy outfit: It was one of the calmest outfits I'd seen on her but it looked great. I smiled and lead her to the cash register. We were average family type. Not to rich but not to poor. We paid and left Oceania.

We piled into the Jeep and drove to my house. We quickly ran to my room and shut the door. Avery pulled out her phone and I pulled out my laptop. We started looking at Liam pictures and Liam tweets and Liam everything. My mom peeked her head in the door and said that Avery had to go home for the night. I hugged her goodbye and told her that I would see her at the Reaping tomorrow. She said bye and left. I went to bed a bit later dreaming about Liam.

Jana POV:

I woke up to my Louis Tomlinson alarm clock ringing again. I slammed it off and stretched. I got out of my canopy bed and got dressed for the day. I ran downstairs ate a pear and ran to my best friend Emma's house. We had planned a couple days ago that we would go shopping for the reaping together. We knew we needed to be early because our favourite store, the exclusive and very expensive, Sparkle got packed in the first 2 hours.

I rang the doorbell and as I waited my mind started to wander again. I was thinking about Emma again and why I was friends with her. She was bossy, rude, self-obsessed and whiny. But she had a great sense of fashion, was popular and was rich like I was. And our parents were best friends so we were kind of forced to be friends. She finally came out in a pair of designer heels, designer jeans and one of a kind purse. Her top was flashy and sparkly, her usual. She squealed when she saw me and started chattering on and on about Sparkle and clothes and money etc. I sighed as I got into the car. It was a long drive there. When we got out she was still talking. I pulled her inside and we started looking for outfits. I had a beachy style where Emma has a flashy, sparkly style. I finally put something together. I loved it: I went to show it to Emma who just said it was okay and ignored me as she went back to looking. I checked out and looked around for more cute dresses for dancing, performances etc. when I heard Emma squeal loudly with delight. She popped up beside me holding this ensemble: It actually looked good together but it was something that I would never wear. We checked out and drove to her place.

We lied on her bed gossiping and telling secrets. We played truth or dare and I went up to her dad and told him that I hated Louis. We laughed so hard because you had to love 1D to live here. The thing was that once the games were over the districts were over. So everywhere in the world except for London had no districts. Then in 5 years somewhere else would have districts. It went like that. I remember when I was 13 the Justin Bieber games were held in Toronto. I watched them on TV in my home in California. When I was 8 the Selena games were on in Texas. I watched them as well but didn't understand them. Now 1D was up and rumour had it that the next games would be in New York for a bunch of teens like Arianna Grande, Zendaya, Bella Thorne etc.

We kept playing truth or dare the entire afternoon until 9:30 when my mom called to say that I had to come home. I hugged Emma goodbye as I left and promised that I would see her tomorrow. I left and lied in my bed all night thinking about the games, the reaping, Emma and more. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

Rachel POV:

I woke up to the sound of WMYB playing from my radio. It plays at exactly 8:30 each morning to get me up. I lied in bed a little longer listening to the music. I got out of bed and shut it off. I threw some clothes on and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I sat with my parents, brother and sister eating a bagel and fruit salad. I decided that I was going to go shopping with my mom and best friend Isabella. I called Isabella to come over in 15 and she agreed. I went upstairs to get my savings, 350$ from 3 years and waited for her. I'd ben saving since I found out about 1D and that they were going to be the next games. I waited for Isabella and luckily she was here very soon. I called for my mom and we got into the car and drove to Martha & Amy's, our favourite store for special events.

We talked about Harry on the way there and I jumped out when we stopped. I hadn't been here since my sweet 16. It felt so good to be back and I rushed into the store. I was looking around for a bit and put together this: I loved patterns and bright colours that make a statement. Isabella like casual, laid back clothes. I showed it to them and they said that they loved it! I smiled and went to pay. It came to 300$ and I was happy because I had some leftover. I smiled and waited for Isabella and my mom. They showed up holding this outfit which looked really good on Isabella: I high fived her and we checked out and left.

We drove to my house and ran straight to my room. We looked at Harry tweets, videos, rumours and more until around 8:30 when she had to go home. I hugged her goodbye and told her that I would see her at the Reaping the next day. I went to sleep soon after she left and had nice dreams about Harry all night.

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