The Games

It's 2025 and the games are up and running again. This year the girls are fighting for superstar heartthrobs One Direction. 10 girls from each district. That's 50 girls including Victoria from Niall's District 1, Jana from Louis's District 3, Rachel from Harry's District 2, Alana from Liam's District 4 and Sydney from Zayn's District 5. The 5 of them will do what it takes to win over the boys. But will they succeed?
This is by me and my best friend / cousin. :)


16. Cracked The Code ~Victoria

Jana POV:

Where were Rachel and Harry? I had assumed they'd been making out in the woods but it had been over an hour now and I'd been getting worried.
"I'm going out." I said, picked up my knives and went out. I heard a tinkling sound. It was a box! I grinned and went to see what it was.
'I'm so sorry guys. Lucy came into the Games and found me and Harry, the idiot wasn't wearing his suit, and we're back home now. I'm writing from my hotel room and Harry's sending it. I miss you guys so much and here's my phone number: 416 123 4567, email:, Facebook: Rachel Snow and Twitter: RachelSnowAndStyles. I love you guys like sisters. xoxo Rachel Snow. P.S. Harry says hi and that he's sorry.'
I picked up the box and ran back to the cave crying. I showed the other girls and they were devastated as well. Victoria hugged her pillow and sobbed. I hugged myself and shut my eyes. I couldn't believe it. They were gone?! For Good!?

Harry POV:

I needed to get Rachel back in the Games again. She needed to win and marry me! And her friends missed her. I got up from watching a movie with Niall who was now sleeping and went to my room. I skyped Rachel and she picked up on the first ring.
"Hi baby! I miss you!" She sing-songed.
"I miss you too Rachie! How's family going?" I said.
"Not so swell... Michael and Angela keep making fun and Mum and Dad are disappointed." She sighed. I smiled.
"Hey why are you smiling?" She frowned.
"I have an idea of how to get you back in the Games. I'll steal the suit that I wore and you put it on and pretend to be the robot that Lucy wanted. It's perfect!" I said excitedly.
"Nice plan big guy." Louis interrupted us. I turned around.
"You got a problem?" I said angrily. Lou backed up and left. I slammed the door and sat back down to see Rachel laughing.
"Why are you laughing?" I asked her.
"Louis's face when he left..... It was priceless." She said gasping for air. I chuckled since Lou could make some weird faces. I told her how much I missed her and then we signed off. She was coming tonight and I needed to clean up. I shouted for the boys to tidy up and went to pick out my outfit and take a shower, brush my teeth etc. I couldn't wait to see Rachel.

Rachel POV:

I couldn't wait to see Harry!!! I stripped and stepped into the shower. I needed to get clean so I would look nice. I washed my body and hair and got out. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked to my closet. I had a fashion emergency! I needed to get some new clothes fast! I threw on some clothes quickly, picked up my wallet and ran to the car. I hit the pedal (I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care! I want you to rock me! Rock me! x) I sped to Martha's and Amy's. I parked the car and ran inside. I walked over to the dresses section and found what I was looking for: I paid and left. I drove back to my house and got ready. I did my hair, make up and got changed. I left quickly and drove over to the boy's shared house. I knocked and Harry appeared looking like this: I smiled and he hugged me lifting me up off my feet. I laughed and he took me inside.
"Hey Rachel! What's up?" Niall called out from the kitchen, peeking his head out holding a muffin in his hand.
"Nothing much. How about you? How's Victoria?" I wiggled my eyebrows. He laughed.
"Good! And shouldn't you be in the Games with Victoria?" He asked. I frowned.
"Get Harry to tell you." I snapped and sat down on the couch. I heard Harry go in and Niall gasped. They came out later and Niall sat down next to me.
"Sorry love. I didn't know. Are you alright?" I could tell Niall was concerned. I smiled.
"It's going really good actually." I said.
"But your chances at marrying Harry are zero." He frowned. Harry whispered the plan to him and he chuckled.
"I'll help you." He announced. I laughed and went into the kitchen to eat something. I was digging in the fridge and finally found a banana. I peeled it and went back to the living room to see all 5 of the boys watching the Games on their flat screen. I watched from the doorway and saw that the girls were doing pretty well without me. I grinned and walked in, plopping on Harry's lap. He put his arms around me and we sat that way until Zayn shut the TV off. I got up and started to fiddle with my hair.
"Are you guys ready? We're taking Rachel into the Games tonight." Harry said.

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