The Games

It's 2025 and the games are up and running again. This year the girls are fighting for superstar heartthrobs One Direction. 10 girls from each district. That's 50 girls including Victoria from Niall's District 1, Jana from Louis's District 3, Rachel from Harry's District 2, Alana from Liam's District 4 and Sydney from Zayn's District 5. The 5 of them will do what it takes to win over the boys. But will they succeed?
This is by me and my best friend / cousin. :)


17. Back For You ~Victoria

Jana POV:
I sighed slowly holding the berries in my hand so hard that they turned into black juice. Rachel still hadn’t arrived in the Games and it was past noon which was when she said she would be back. Sydney walked up to me her fishing rod slung over her shoulder. I wiped my hands on the rock to the right of me and turned to face Sydney who was behind me. She put her rod down and handed me 3 fish. I smiled weakly and went to add them to the food pile.
“Hi everyone! Where is everyone?” A voice yelled into the cave. It was Rachel! I spun around and ran to greet her. She hugged me tightly and then went to see Sydney.
“I missed you! The others are out hunting.” I explained. She nodded and went to see how much food we had. We surprisingly had a lot. Fish, berries, bird, boar and more. I laughed and went to go get a snack. I picked up some blueberries and plopped them in my mouth turning to Rachel.
“So how's Harry?” I wiggled my eyebrows playfully. She blushed and giggled.
"Harry's good! He came up with the great idea to get me back in the Games designed as a robot." Rachel whispered excitedly. I grinned. Harry was cheeky but smart. No wonder Rachel likes him.
"That means I have to kill a bunch of girls to make it seem like I'm the robot though." Rachel added glumly. I nodded.
"You wont kill us right?" Sydney shouted. I laughed. Of course Sydney would ask that.
"If you misbehave I will." Rachel said imitating our moms. Sydney chuckled nervously and fiddled with her hair.
"Don't worry Sydney! Of course I wouldn't. I need to get rid of the other Harry girls and some from your Districts." She reassured her. "We're back!!!! Hey Ra-" Victoria yelled before Rachel clamped her hand over her mouth.
"Cameras?!" I gestured outside annoyed at Victoria's stupidity. Sydney and Alana laughed at me heartily. I rolled my eyes and stomped outside with my knives. I wanted to kill a girl right now. Preferably from my District but any other one was fine as well. I waited for a while in the woods and eventually heard sticks getting cracked and leaves getting stepped on. I watched from behind a tree and saw it was someone from District 2. I leaped out and tackled them from their behind. I pulled out a knife and stabbed them. They sputtered and died almost instantly. I jumped up and looked around me. There were 2 girls standing there. One from District 4 with a bow and arrow in her hand and one from my district with her hands clenched around a sword. I narrowed my eyes and went at my District first. She would be harder than Rachel's but it would then be easier to kill the girl from District 2. I walked up slowly hiding my 2 knives behind my back. She smiled evilly and whispered, "He's mine." dangerously. I laughed and darted behind her into the trees, camouflaging. She whipped around arms in position and was startled when I ran behind her. I raised my arm and plunged the knife into her spine. She screamed and crumpled to the ground, dead. I whipped around to the other girl who had her arms raised, holding and aiming the bow directly at me. I crouched down ad soon as she fired and she missed. I jumped back up, grabbed the arrow out of the tree and ran towards her, arrow aimed already. I pounced on her like a puppy when the owner had a treat. I stabbed her in the stomach and she fell like the other girl. I stood up triumphantly and marched over to the cave holding the bow, arrows and sword. I wales in and everyone stared at me for some reason.
"WE WERE SO WORRIED!" Alana cried out. I laughed and shrugged putting the weapons in the weapon place. I climbed in my bed and fell asleep soon.

Alana POV:
I woke up to a big whizzing noise and some guy calling "Jana!". I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed, Sydney already up. She was attempting to get Victoria and Rachel up but it wasn't going successful. I laughed and walked over to help her out. We got the 2 out of their beds and walked outside to see Jana yawning against the wall. I ran over and hugged her, not knowing what was going to happen.
"What should I do Alana? You're the sensible one." She said cheekily. I giggled and thought for a couple minutes.
"I would go with them and see where life takes you." I said honestly. She smiled and hugged me tight. I let go and she walked to the man who was standing in front of a helicopter. She looked confused until he said...
"You are the winner from District 3. Please come with us back to the Capitol and meet your fiancee." Her eyes bugged out and she screamed. I laughed, dancing around with the others.
"Say hi to Liam for me!!!" I screamed. She nodded and boarded on the helicopter, leaving us in her dust.

Louis POV:
I was going to marry Jana!!!!
I screamed, dancing around in my boxers. The boys laughed but I knew they were happy for me.
1 down 4 to go.

District 1: 5 girls left
District 2: 4 girls left
District 3: Jana won
District 4: 6 left
District 5: 5 left

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