Always Remember Me

Katriana is the sister of Liam Payne (not famous ) who is a shy but talented boy who will go far in the ways of singing. Katriana will fall for the boy of her dreams but is it all it cracks up to be since she is on a hit list. Will love save the day or will it all fall apart?


1. Chapter 1


 I awoke startled and gasping for air as beads of sweat dripped onto my pillow. I heard heavy footsteps approaching my room , before I could blink my brother was at the side of my bed holding me in his arms.

 "hush, its okay it was only a nightmare" he cooed.

 "Liam James Payne. I am not a baby!" I yelled struggling to get free of his grasp.

 A hurt expression flashed across his face. He let go of me and hopped off my bed mumbling to himself as he stomped down the hall to his room.

 There I go again I thought to myself, I hurt Liam. I looked around my sun lit room, it was a mess, I had CD's and band merch lying on my floor, dirty dishes on my bedside table and of course my little calico kitty Toran lying at the end of my bed. I sat up and started stroking him.

"What am I gonna do huh?" I said

A purr was my only response.

"I guess I should apologize to him, wish me luck" I said kissing Toran on the head.

I pushed down my anger and stepped out of my room into the hallway, the tile was cold against my bare feet. I started walking toward his room, nervous he would yell at me. I didn't bother knocking as I walked into his room and sat on the bed beside him.

"What do you want" he barked.

I flinched, he never yells like that.

"I-I'm sorry Liam, I don't like being babied and you know that"I spat my anger rising again.

he pulled me into a tight embrace and started apologizing.

"Look, Kat I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell its just-I've been on edge since dad died, no one is helping us and it didn't help that he left us with targets on our backs" he said with a sympathetic look on his face.

I looked down at my hands, it was true he did leave us with nothing, no one.. I looked up expecting my eyes to meet a teary-eyed puppy faced Liam, bu the was smirking.

"Buutt, I did think you needed some cheering up so i invited the lads over to meet you" he said with an unsure smile on his face.

"Alright, I'll get ready and meet you downstairs then" I said with a monotone voice.

I walked down the hall to my room to get some clothes. I found some sweatpants and a boy style tank top, why bother dressing up for some narrow minded teenage dropouts. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I didn't like what stared back at me.

The bags under my eyes were dark grey and my eyes looked tired, eyes brimming with tears. My hair was a tangled mess of brown and blonde, my cheeks sunken in and my lips dry. I needed to clean up.

I stripped off my sweat soaked shorts and sweatshirt and turned the dial till it was at the perfect temperature, I stepped in and let the warm water flow over my weak body. I then turned over my wrists and examined the thin white scars. My mothers death emotionally destroyed me, anger turned to depression which led me to cut. those days are behind me, I'm stronger now, more emotionally stable.


I jumped and slipped falling on my ass and hitting my arm off the bar in the shower.

"Shit! That's gonna bruise" I said standing up clutching my arm, I turned off the water and wrapped myself up in a towel.

"Kat! Are you okay? I didn't mean to knock that hard." Liam said through the bathroom door.

"I'm fine what do you want?"

"The boys are here get down here and meet them"

I sighed "Fine, just give me a minute".

I got dressed and put my hair up in a high ponytail skipping makeup, they aren't worth it I thought, they never are. I had never met these friends of Liams but all his friends in the past were alcohol drinking dropouts, not my kind of crowd.

'I shouldn't judge" I mumbled putting on a happy face and carefully walking down the stairs.

I reached the bottom thankful that I didn't fall and looked to the door. Four pairs of shoes were in front of it. A pair of white supras, black toms, black boots and a pair I didn't know the brand of.

"Great a day with five boys, how fun" I said rolling my eyes and walked to the living room.


Hey guys my name is Ciera and I hope you'll enjoy this story and I'm letting you know ahad of time that chapter times wont be consistent because I also draw and have school to attend. so thanks again, please comment like and fav it would mean a lot, also please check out my other story dark secrets.







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