Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


22. Yes or no?

Niall found a perfect place in Ireland and it was a more modern castle. On the outside it looked old out but on the inside it was renovated. He took me there on a Saturday and immediately showed Niall around me in the rooms.
"If we buy this place, you get a do deciding as much as me!" he said, and it sounded like a dream. I swallowed, and noted that it was pleasant warmth in the castle. There were new toilets and kitchen contained everything that was modern.
"Can you stay here?"
Niall smiled and nodded
"It's too modern for me, but you can teach me all the new stuff?"
I smiled and nodded
"You know how a TV works?"
He shook his head and blushed slightly.
"I didn't think it would be everyone's property when the first television came on the market and think how wrong I was!"

I laughed and immediately I realized that he had seen the first car, the first television and the hole development of society. I hugged him and kissed his lips softly.
"I promise to show you everything if you want to learn!"
Niall laughed and took his arms around me. He looked into my eyes and I knew instantly that this would be our new home.


There were many things that Niall left behind in Italy. He chose to leave the oldest behind and he donated it to various museums around the world. I chose not to take with me more than what I had packed from my apartment. I wanted to start over completely and I didn't want to look back on what had happened.


Louis and Harry got a own house on the farm and they were overjoyed.
"Now maybe you can get your own life besides mine?" Niall said, and they nodded, with delighted faces. I just laughed at them and chose not to put me in the way they lived their lives.


We chose a room with window out to the fields. It was a get away place room and I loved it instantly.
"So we share a bed?"
I laughed and nodded
"Or are you old fashioned?"
Niall laughed and shook his head. Right as it was, he put me down on the bed and knelt in front of me. I was surprised and looked wonderingly at him. Niall took his hand over my mouth and cleared his throat.
"I have been helped to find out how to do this, so be silent!"
I nodded and he removed his hand.
"I love you more than anything and I guess you feel the same for me. Once upon a time, I learned that people want to show their love openly and in a modern way!"

Niall took up a box from his pocket and immediately I knew what he was going to do. I got tears in my eyes, but let him continue.
"I would like to ask you if you want to marry me, like normal couples do? Do you want to marry me?"
He opened the box and I saw two wonderful gold rings. One was smooth but in the second had small white diamonds.
"Yes!" I got out of me and immediately he took the ring on my finger and then he put on his. He kissed me and I noticed that he had tears in his eyes.


I ended up in a daze! Niall had understood everything and he was ready to do everything for me. I felt my whole body tingled and I hadn't been so happy in my entire life. Just at that moment, everything was as perfect as it could just be. I belonged to Niall and he belonged to me.


When we had finished the kiss, he looked straight into my eyes and blushed
"Did I do it right?"
I nodded and kissed him again.
"It was just perfect and you did exactly as you should!"
Niall lit up and pulled his hands through my hair.
"Then you know that I mean business with us, we're getting married, but I will first find out how it's done!"
I laughed
"You really have no idea about anything?"
He shook his head
"I have lived a long life, but I realize I don't know how to be normal!"

"It's because you're not normal!" I whispered directly. "But that's what makes you unique and that's why I love you!"
He chuckled lightly.
"You're weird!"
I nodded
"As crazy as the person I love!"

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