Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


13. truth

I happened to walk past the office where Niall had grandmother's last diary. I went in and saw that it was in the middle of the table. My curiosity took over and I went up to the desk. I gazed at the book before I quickly picked it up. I noticed that no one saw that I was there and immediately I began to flip through it.


"I loved you, but you know I'm not created to be the vampire!" grandma had written and I realized that Niall had received answers to his questions. "Niall, I can't give you the eternal love that you're looking for. I have met a man and he's a regular guy, normal, and he can give me a good life. I will grow old with him and I will die with him . You can't do that for me!"
I knew Grandma was afraid to live on forever. I understood why she backed off and it felt like a relief. Niall had received answers to the questions and I flipped to the last page. To my great surprise, it was nothing that I belonged to Niall and grandmother didn't give me away to him.


"My grandchild will leave my things at your place. I love her with all my heart and I don't want you hurt her. Something tells me she's going to affect you and I know that you see a part of me in Nelly. I don't want her to replace me and I don't want you to force her into anything. You may not use your powers against her, but I want you to get to know her. She's a wonderful girl and she has many common parts that you have. If you ever doubt my words, listen to her. She believes in miracle and she believes in the fairy power. I have taught her and she will perhaps teach you to see life from a different angle! I will always love you and a side of me will always remember our moments. Take care of yourself Niall and live the way you should live your life."


I closed the book and realized that I had been deceived. In a way perhaps Niall was afraid I was going home? I didn't understand why he had read something that wasn't there.


"I didn't want you to go!" I heard him say behind me. "I wanted to make time to get to know you and see who you are, forgive me!"
I turned around and looked at him.
"Why did you lie? Why didn't you tell me as it was?"
Niall looked down at the ground and swallowed.
"After several hundred years of solitude, I'm always afraid of losing what I care about and I care Nelly!" He looked at me and he looked sincere. "I meant what I said about when you came, there was something about you that made me almost lose my breath and I'm afraid to lose that feeling and I'm afraid you don't want to allow me to be near you!"

I swallowed
"So you mean I can go?"
He smiled weakly
"I haven't that power, even though all believe it. Fact that you couldn't get to the car was because you didn't want to go deep inside. While you tried it was with yourself you fought, not against me. It's called magic!"

I understood nothing, but I knew he wasn't forced me into something.
"So when I kissed you?"
He laughed
"I did nothing more than show what I felt for you and I stand for it!"
I blushed and felt silly. I put the book down on the desk and gathered my thoughts.
"So you want to know me?"
Niall nodded
"If you allow me?"
I chose to create peace between us and I decided to meet him half way.
"I allow you!"

Niall came up to me and kissed me without asking for permission. I responded the kiss but still felt dazed. I realized that Liam and the others didn't know the whole truth about Niall. Not that I was an expert on him, but he opened up more and more. Maybe one day I would know who he really was?





Not over yet! Will be more!

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