Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


18. To give up..

Niall helped me out to his car. Kim didn't notice that I went, but I didn't want to tell her about it. What could I say? That I disappeared with Niall? She would then start asking questions about him and I wasn't ready for it. Instead, we went without telling anyone. The car was parked outside and Louis stood waiting at the car door. He was happy when he saw me, but I took note of concern in his eyes. Niall was just happy and didn't care what he thought. Instead opened the car door and Niall helped me in. He sat next to me and Louis were placed behind the wheel.


"So what happens now?" I got out of me and was almost a little scared.
"We go home with you!" Niall got out of him. "We will end your life here, and then we have to plan where to stay!"
I was almost shocked and just stared at him.
"You mean now?"
He smiled weakly and took my hand.
"I will not leave you but I can't stay in an apartment, and especially not in London., It's not a city that's known to like vampires!" 
I just stared at him and realized that this was what I agreed if I chose Niall. I was scared, because I had my mom. I had my friends and a job. OK, that job didn't matter, but the people around me.
"My mother, then?" I got out of me and directly Niall met my gaze.
"You can't have contact with her!"
I swallowed.
"There's no other way?"
He looked at me fore long and seemed to ponder. He shook his head and then looked out onto the street again.
"You can't let her know anything about me. Everything she needs to know is that you have a new life!"
I shook my head instantly.
"No Niall, I can't just leave her!" 
He sighed and seemed almost annoyed with me.
"Nelly, you can't have contact with your mom if you choose to be with me., It doesn't work that way and she would just start asking a lot of questions!"
I understood what he meant but I wasn't ready to let go of my own mom yet.
"Niall, you haven't had a person you have had contact with and didn't want to leave him or her?"
He smiled weakly
"Yes you!"
I sighed
"So you would have left your family if I demanded it? Would you just give up everything and follow without question?"
Niall met my gaze, and he fell silent. He stared at me for a while and I felt almost lost. Didn't he think my family is important to me? Mom was the only one that was left.

"I understand you and yes, I've sat in that seat you are in, but in a different way."
I swallowed and dropped his hand.
"I don't just want to vanish as if I die!"
Niall became quiet again and looked at me thoughtfully. He seemed unsure.
"How do you want it?"
I smiled weakly.
"I don't want to let her go, I would be able to meet her and visit with her sometimes!"
Niall nodded
"Okay, if that's important to you, we can solve it in some way!"


The car stopped outside my apartment and I heard Louis sighed lightly from the driver's seat.
"Should I wait here?"
Niall opened the door
"Come back at dawn!"
Niall jumped out and showed me that I should coming after him. On sad legs, I followed him and we went to my apartment. I must admit that I was afraid of the future and unsure if I made the right choice. Maybe it wasn't possible to combine our lives and compromise?


As soon as we got inside the door, I went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. I gulped and went out to Niall. He stood and looked out the window. He almost looked like a normal guy, but I knew he wasn't.
"Where are we going tomorrow?"
He looked at me and smiled weakly.
"I have rented a place in the country and we can stay there until we resolved everything!"
I swallowed again and walked towards him.
"Resolved everything?"
Niall nodded
"Your life must come to an end here and now., We have to work out how we doing with your mom and we have to find a new place to stay, if you don't want to live in the castle!" 
He took his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. I gently took my hands around his neck and looked into his eyes.

"So this is serious?"
He nodded and smiled.
"What did you expect? Fact that we would wait for better times, or that you would have time to tell a lie to your friends?"
I didn't know what to say. He leaned toward me and let his lips caress my cheek. I groaned and pulled me towards him. He let them wander down to my throat and I felt how he touched my skin with perfect movements. Would he bite me? 


In the end, our lips met and I felt he still affected me. My stomach tingled and my whole body was screaming for more. He kissed me so perfect and his tongue sought mine. I could do nothing but move with him in his movements and I knew he wanted me. I was sure about that, and I knew I still loved him. I didn't want to lose him, but I was scared at losing my grip and lose control of my own life. Giving up everything was a big step and I hadn't thought of it before.


"You have to pick together your stuff!" he whispered suddenly and spread us. I saw that he was red in the face and I realized he was stopped before it went too far. He didn't bite me! Not yet! Instead he released my waist and smiled weakly at me. "You can take what you want, but we leave the apartment when Louis comes!"
I nodded and swallowed. I chose to go into the bedroom and started pick together clothes. I took three suitcases and filled them with shoes, clothes and stuff. I picked up mementos and put in a box. Grandmother's photographs, I chose also to take with me.


I just felt sadness and actually it wasn't easy to pick out the important things. Should I bring my teddy bear mom had given to me when I was little? Should I bring with me all the books I loved to read when I was down in the dumps? Should I leave my first shoes that came in a little box? It ran through so many questions and finally I had to stop. Did I want this?


I felt Nialls arms around my waist and he stood close behind me. He kissed my neck and I felt how he made me groan again. Why was I so divided? Did I want to stay with Niall for ages or did I wanted to live a life in London. Did I want to become a vampire or did I wanted one day to I die? Niall let his lips move over my shoulder and he pulled slightly away dress. I pressed my back against him and found out that he had boner. I understood that he wasn't only a vampire, he was also a man. I felt him began to move against my body, and his hands slid down. He pulled up my dress and let his hands touch my bare skin. I stopped thinking and felt he totally took over my will. I groaned and he let his hand slide inside y panties, down between my legs. He put me in his power overall and I allowed him to continue. I spread lightly on my feet and moved towards him. I closed my eyes and followed. He kissed my neck so hard and his hand did know what it would do. He pressed himself against my back and I felt that he wanted me. Yet he didn't go all the way this time either. He made ​​sure that I came and he made ​​sure I screamed out his name, but then he let go of me.
"You know I don't want to bite you yet?"
I turned around and looked at him. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw that he wanted more. I saw that he wanted to bite me and he wanted all me, but he managed to stand against the desire and do what he felt was right.


A moment later honked the car outside the apartment, and we knew that Louis had arrived.

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